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Expert Appliance aka A-Expert Service / Very unprofessional and rude service!

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I ordered a hose for my apartment washer, they sent a plastic hose and it cost me 61.00. I filled out the return order form and waited for this RMA number that is required as well as the address in order to return the part.

They never gave it to me.

After several emails and several phone calls that I made only to have them put me on hold from 30 to 45 minutes they acted like they were doing me a favor when they said they "found" they part an it would be 142.00. I was able to find another company that had it for half that amount. I told them this and also told them after all of the running around they gave me I expected a full refund and wanted that RMA number and return address. Still after several emails and phone calls I never got it.

They decided to send me an email saying the part is now NOT refundable without explanation. I had to ask in another email as to why, their reply was "you seem to think you are the only customer we have, that part will not be refunded because it is a special order". It was not a special order part. Now they won't answer any emails from me at all.

They ripped me off, had no intention of exchanging or doing anything else for me. Once they sent me this plastic hose that was overly priced and obviously wrong they figured it was a done deal no matter what. They also said that this hose was the factory original as if it were changed over. The one they sent me was plastic with ridges the one I needed was a double, connected at one end and smooth rubber. A huge difference.

Don't deal with these people, they will only take your money, very unprofessional, rude, can't treat customers with respect. I never act like I am the only customer with any company, I was always nice on the phone and was willing to work with them.


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  • Ed
      27th of Mar, 2007
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    I too have been ripped off by Expert Appliance from Florida. There web site is for appliance parts. I ordered a burner cap for a Viking range. There expert said I have to buy the entire burner assembly to get the burner cap, and the cost was $175.90 (tax and shipping included). When it arrived, it was only the burner cap as I originally wanted. When I called, they stated that I agreed to the price, and it was not returnable because it was specially ordered. I indicated that the price quoted was for a burner assembly, and since I only received the burner cap, the charge should be only for the cap. The clerk essentially stonewalled me, and said that what it costs. Period. Even if I could get a refund, their restocking charge is 35% plus shipping charges which amounts to approximately $65.

    I subsequently got the name of a distributer of repair parts from Viking. There cost was ~ $27 for the same part. The packaging and number was the same from both. This company is a major ripoff company. They know that they will make a major profit even if you can get them to accept the return.

    My lesson learned is not to trust web advertising, and deal with authorized or recommended distributors from the appliance company.

    No matter what they claim, this company will manage to rip you off one way or the other. Avoid it like the plague.

  • Si
      13th of Jul, 2007
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    I ordered a part for $125 and received the wrong part of a value of $10. I was charged $135 after I was quoted $125 and that was with shipping. I have emailed 7 times with no reply at all. I have called twice and reached a person once. She answered the phone "hello" without a company name or anything. She said she handles all the emails and phone calls. She could not answer any questions and "would get back to me". She has not called or emailed in three weeks. She also said there are no returns on electronic parts!!! I did not order an electronic part but thats what they send so that they can say this. IS A FRAUD. EXPERT APPLIANCE IS A FRAUD. EXPERTAPPLIANCE IS A FRAUD. DO NOT BUY FROM EXPERT APPLIANCE. They send a cheap non-returnable part so that they can say there are no returns even if it's their fault and the part is still in the original package. I am a HVAC tech. so I know what part I needed and provided them with the part # and the model # and serial #. This "company is a rip off. The check doesn't even have their name on it. It says " ALL AREA CONSUMER SERVICES INC".

  • Mi
      12th of Oct, 2007
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    I am another victim, However I may have caught it in time to stop payment on the check ( I HOPE ). I ordered ap part for an AC, fan motor, I have a habit of checking my bank account on a regular bases. Last night the check I sent them had posted and I saw it was for $20.00 more than I had written it for, so I began doing some calling and checking. After talking to one of their reps and demanding to speak to their accounting dept.

    By the way that was fruitless also, I contacted my bank and I put a stop payment on the check, I figure it is better to pay for the stop payment than to get a part I can not use, or even worse not even get one seeing I had already been charged $20.00 MORE than what they said.

    I also have sent a complaint into consumer Affairs I don't know if it will help but someone has got to get these people shut and held accountable for their actions. Will reply later and let all know how it turns out.

  • Ka
      25th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Hello! Yes they are a rip off so far to me also! Cant ship the part and cant send a refund for almost 300.00!!! Go ahead! Contact this is a govt web site with the FBI. Let's all stop this rip off business!

    Expert appliance is crap!

  • Lu
      25th of Apr, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I completly disagree!!! I have ordered parts from them plenty of times with no problems! The only problem i ran into was my part was a "special order" an would take a few more days and as promised i recieved my part the following weekend!
    Never have i Ever been ripped off or took advatage of and i too am a hvac tech. and have been ordering from EXPERT APPLIANCE for over 3 years now!
    If you know what your talking about its kinda hard to let someone rip you off..get your facts stright before you order next time!!

  • Je
      2nd of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    ExpertAppliance is nothing short of an EXTORTION RACKET.
    They take your money and give you NOTHING in return.
    They are plain CROOKS. They send you the wrong part deliberately and then make it impossible to return the part.
    They never give you an RMA number to get return authorization. They are CROOKS do not deal with these CROOKS.

  • Tr
      26th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    No Thanksgiving turkey in this oven.
    I ordered an oven heating element almost 2 months ago. Contact phone numbers on their emails are changing and getting disconnected. When I could get through they have told me that their ocd shipping manager decided the part was substandard and was waiting for one of better quality. Of course "it should be here tomorrow". I called again today and a girl on the phone (sounded like a new employee) said she was told to tell customers that the vendor for this part had gone bankrupt and we should get our credit card company to reverse charges on our bill. It was billed a month ago. Still working on getting this resolved. DON'T TAKE A CHANCE ON ORDERING WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

  • Ra
      9th of Jan, 2009
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    I have also had dealings with this company. First they overcharged me hundreds of dollars for a part that came and was wrong. They gave me a RMA to return the part, then never sent me the correct part and stopped answering my calls and emails. I lost over 600$.

    In my research I was able to find this information. The personal home address and name of the owner Todd Herring.

  • Fr
      17th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    i have ordered from them7 times and have had no issues, they have fixed all issues that were there fault. I was unable to return a gas valve once because my tech gave the me the wrong model. They said that a gas valve cannot be returned beacuse it is an industry policy. I can see there point because if they resold a dangerous part that was in the hands of a unqualified person it would cause a risk to another person. I would not want a part like a gas valave that some stranger had and have a risk of a leak. They did give me a store credit which I did use with no problem. I tried returning the part to a local part store in my area and they told me that no one can return this kind of part. It is a standard policy when dealing with specific parts. They are not walmart and I see the reason for them sticking to the policy.

  • Kd
      19th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I almost bought from this site. Until I realized that EVERY single part number I would search for was found, even non existent parts! As for the people on this page that claim they have no problems with the company must work for the company. Go ahead and go to the site and even search for parts using profane words. They are found! What a load of crap! The company's goal is very clearly just to obtain your money and send you something if they can, otherwise excuses to keep your money. No valid site would ever return eatsh** as a valid part number and allow you to add to your cart, period!

  • Ca
      24th of Jan, 2017
    0 Votes

    This does appear to be a bogus site so buyer beware. I called to get assistance and when I questioned the reliability of the website the man who answered the phone hung up on me! I also typoed the parts number and the website still miraculously found the part. I will not be ordering from this site!

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