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users BEWARE of this horrible sick website...this is a place where people are able to freely 'WRITE" about their lives, etc...into sub categories of things. it seems like an OK place until you are bullied...i was bullied for MONTHS by MANY different people who just harassed me for posting things there...what the place is for. These people harassing me...have serious mental even claimed to have MPD...others are nymphomaniacs and just disturbed sick people...that place is INFESTED with sick and disturbed freaks...some of these psychotic users are 'divinestitches, peachesandplum, orckiss, and MANY others...these are sociopathic females...with SEVERE problems and issues...who harassed ME for no reason over and over again. as a result of this constant harassment i went and posted nasty things to these [censored]es on their profiles. because I was ATTACKING my abusers...EP moderators are PSYCHOS who SUPPORT bullies...and they took my ENTIRE profile down without WARNING and supported and helped out the BULLIES. the moderators here are SICK demented crazy freaks themselves...twisted evil people...

the EP moderators..instead of BANNING bullies will BAN VICTIMS OF BULLYING AND FURTHER ABUSE THEM THEMSELVES. the BULLIES wrote a LONG posting about me on EP...unjustifiably...and the sick EVIL psycho EP moderators...NEVER took their posting down but deleted ALL OF MY stories are full of passion and i write with my heart...i went there to vent and talk about my life...for it i got nothing but negativity abuse bullying torment and mistreatment...after all this abuse these evil psycho mean sick EP moderators took ALL my posting down and HELPED OUT THE BULLIES and psychopaths that were abusing me...this is a HORRIBLE website and beware...also many of the sickos that hang out there are really really SICK people...they have SERIOUS problems...and are mentally screwed up and they support EACH OTHER...and pick on normal people that just post there...beware of this awful horrible sick disgusting's a diseased place full of diseased decreped warped sick people...who are depressed and not only that but who have serious problems...and the crazy moderators are SO evil they will ban victims and SUPPORT and help out abusers...its a twisted place full of ONLY twisted people. i wrote to the sick moderators again asking these psychopaths why my posting was taken down and why these BULLIES were able to do what they wanted. these psycho EP moderators said that i was harassing people...and they wrote a posting in response to my harassment...i mean really WTF???? i said no they were HARASSING ME FOR MONTHS and NO ONE ON EP DID ANYTHING ABOUT IT...then i RETALIATED justifiably against THEIR NON-STOP ABUSE and you filthy evil [censored]gits punish ME FOR IT???? EP is a SICK PLACE run by EVIL SICK PEOPLE BEWARE OF IT...these psychos support BULLIES AND ABUSE VICTIMS...they are spawns of the devil beware...

Mar 30, 2013

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