SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / stole my money

United States

I purchased a return plane ticket from The ticket was never issued. I called Expedia while trying to check-in, they admitted the mistake and advise to buy 2 new tickets and contact them upon return. That was 5 weeks ago, in the meanwhile I contacted them 7 times, waited on the phone for over 40 min average each time, sent 3 faxed and still did not get any refund. We are still waiting for the "resolution". It is impossible, they practically stole my money. I considered to file a police report, but dont have time for this so I am giving up at this point: I have paid four plane tickets, spent hours on the phone with terrible, non-existing service. I just want to warn everyone who is interested: stay away from Expedia! The company is now so big that is not functional any more, the service centers are all over the world and help desk barely speak English. I have use Expedia now and then for 3 years and had some bad experience before, but this is over the top. Stay away from Expedia for your own good!


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