Expedia / hotel reservation cancelled and I was not notified. reservation no. [protected]

Unnited States, United States

On September 5, 2017, I arrived at my hotel in Healy, Alaska, to find out at check-in that my reservation that I booked on July 30, 2017, had been cancelled the same day as I made the reservation. The only email I received from Expedia/AARP Travel Site dated July 30, 2017, said: "Your reservation is confirmed. No need to call to reconfirm." At the time of check-in, the reservation was still showing up in my Itineraries as "In Progress." The hotel said Expedia/AARP cancelled my reservation because they had overbooked the hotel. Expedia/AARP said the hotel cancelled my reservation. I don't care who cancelled the reservation. I booked through Expedia/AARP and they should have notified me that the reservation had been cancelled so that I could book another hotel. My two night stay ended up costing me an additional $150 because everything was booked for the Labor Day holidays. There's obviously a problem with Expedia/AARP Travel Site's booking software that would allow this to occur.

Sep 16, 2017

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