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I am here today to tell u about the real History of exoticphone com.
I'm one of the X employee of exoticphone. I have leave this company with a great Pain. Mr. Jahidulllah fire me within 1 day although there was the terms that he must inform me at least 1 month before.

exotic phone sales copy (Chinese) or defective Nokia phones

The owner, Jahidullah, cell-[protected], is an Asian. Age 25, exoticphone customer know him as Jay. And there is a another owner, Arif Billah. He is almost mad. His age is 26. the exoticphone customer know him as Bill.

They sale copy phones (Chinese), Refurbish, defective, scratch phones. Although, customer pay them for Brand new original equipment manufacturer and they tell the customers that they only sale brand new phones. they lie to customers. They do not have warehouse. When the customer order them and pay over credit card they buy from the wholesaler name national phone located in Manhattan, new york.

If u ordered for 10 phones, they shipped u 2 refurbish, 3 defective, 3 copy, and 2 original. more over, they also send wrong color phones. if u ordered for pink they will send u black because black is cheaper than pink color.

they earn money over shipping. they charge extra 20 to 30 dollar for shipping. And they never ship the product timely. Some time they ship ground to make much profit though customer pay them for 2nd day.

There are many incidences of wholesales customers and i am a burning witness. they do not ship wold wide but if any overseas customer call them and want to place the order for his country they accept his order an ask the customer to wear the money ASAP. When they got the money they do no ship the product. There are lots of example in exoticphone history. Last time a German customer lost his $3000 and exoticphone never refund his money. he called them 100 times even cried to refund but they did not. this is one of the horrible history of exoticphone overseas customers.

Some time they change their bank not to refund to the customer money. I think, there are few hundred customers whose refund is still pending in their system.

They have only one web master only who take care the whole web site.
They use PHP open source oscommerce old version which is insecure for the customer because its easy to Huck the site and take the customers credit card information. If you browse their site u will see that their site is offline. though they r saying a bit for maintenance. they are lair.

They do not pay their employees properly and timely. most of the employees are up set on them. They fire people within 1 day notice. and do not pay their salary at the end of their jobs.

Before you buy from exoticphone com, please be confirmed that you are in the right place. u can lost your money and your credit card information and it can go in the hand of Hackers.

Please tell your friend not to buy from exoticphone

have a nice day
X employee of exotic phone

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  • Ca
      1st of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    hi, located in new york, they sale cell phone in usa and canada.
    basically they are scammer.

    they have cheap price but they sale all refurbish and chines copy phone. they just want making money by any means.

    There are many incidences of wholesales customers and i am a burning witness. they do not ship wold wide but if any overseas customer call them and want to place the order for his country they accept his order an ask the customer to wear the money ASAP. When they got the money they do no ship the product. There are lots of example in exoticphone history. Last time a German customer lost his $3000 and exoticphone never refund his money. he called them 100 times even cried to refund but they did not. this is one of the horrible history of exoticphone overseas customers.

    Some time they change their bank not to refund to the customer money. I think, there are few hundred customers whose refund is still pending in their system.

    they sale credit card information to other scammers.

    do not buy from NEVER FALL FOR THESE EXOTICPHONE.COM SCAMMERS, exoticphone will scam you anyway they can. Stay away from, scams you no matter what.. i cant say enough bad word for these crooks.

  • An
      17th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Just to let the moderators know, does not have any “female employees” working for them in any of their departments. Here is a detailed look of’s operation. Customer Support

    Customer Support Location: Road# 29, House# 379 (4th floor), Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Total Number of Employees (may vary): 6
    Operations Manager: Neo Anderson (aka Kazi Sakhawat)
    Marketing Manager: Jason Smith (aka Sajib Asharul)
    Senior Sales Representative: Ricky Junior (aka Md. Shariar)
    Senior Sales Representative: Murphy Henry (aka Maruf Mosharraf)
    AVS and Printing Section: Mark Ross (Mostafa Enam Morshed)
    Bangladesh Office Administrator: Hasenur Rahman (aka Sajib) Warehouse

    Warehouse Location: 28W 30th St (3rd Floor) New York, NY 10001
    Total Number of Employees (may vary): 3

    Mohammad Mohiuddin (aka Din)
    Arif Billah (aka Bill, Tony, etc.) Co- Owner
    Mohammad Jahidullah (aka Jay) Co- Owner

    This is it!!! A total team of only 9 members who are working in the whole of When customers call at their number 212-561-5358, the call is being forwarded to Bangladesh via the VOIP technology (using 8 x 8 formerly Packet 8 service). Customers who already called and spoke with their customer support representatives, i’m quite sure 70% will agree that they faced communication problems as in the voice breaking up, the call getting disconnected, etc.

    Now, can you even imagine how vulnerable the condition of is? There are customers who places order over phone with them. For that they have to give out their credit card information (in some cases additional information as in driver’s license, copy of credit card, social security number for t-mobile activation plan) to people who are sitting in a small south-asian country (Bangladesh). If the customers only knew (?) to whom and where they are giving out this information to and how risky it is, as it increases the chance of Identity theft, provided if the information, people sitting in Bangladesh use it for a bad purpose. Exoticphone does not take any measure to protect or destroy this sensitive customer information whatsoever.

    Now, let’s talk about the kind of business they do. If we use the term “Scammer”, that would probably not be the right term, as they have a store location in NY and is a registered company, but the kind of business they do, they are quite close of being an “Internet Fraud”. Only supplier they have in US is “National Electronics”, other than that most of their cell phones comes from Hong Kong and China. They claim that they sell Brand New, Unlocked, OEM Cell phones (this has to be the biggest joke) when all they do is sell refurbished and second hand products.

    They do have some satisfied customers (customers who are extremely lucky to get a refurbished phone in almost brand new but other than that, all negative.

    That is it for now. What ever I have mentioned, I don’t know it’s a negative or a positive review; this is what the truth is. Maybe im no one and just writing this negative reviews to hamper exoticphone’s reputation, but Im not the only one, whose been writing all this. There are some specialists as in NoMaxim (moderator of and Lara RR (moderator of who have reviewed the kind of business does. To help the readers, here are the links of some specialist review of

  • Ja
      16th of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I am the owner of Moderator, please remove this bad "employee." He has been fired from his job because of harassing his fellow female co-worker. please I need your help. He is going all around and writing bad things. The proof is himself by writing this peculiar story and he is admitting he is ex-employees. I need your help please. has customer support for 7 days a week and we have physical location at:
    28 West 30 Street
    Suite 301
    New York, New york, 10001.

    Thanking you.

  • Ri
      7th of May, 2009
    -2 Votes

    exotic and ex employee of exotic? Your FREAKIN JOKING RIGHT? Hello moderator!!!

    this is so fishy post...the lack of grammar of this guy is killing me

  • Ca
      1st of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am out of $349 and if you are serious about loosing your money only then go with this two man ran scam operation exoticphone

  • Sa
      23rd of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I also got Scammed by exoticphone, I bought a Nokia e61i and after 3 weeks found out they have used my credit card to order 1 dell laptop $764 and bought some Gift cards worth $900..still fighting with the cc company to fight these off.. i will slap my own face if i ever buy from them.. i have reported to FBI and internet fraud team.. lets see what happens.

  • Sa
      23rd of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Basically what they will do is.. take your credit card info and simply save it and use it for later cousin bought a phone and guess what he never ever got his phone.. we kept calling for aobut 23 days and these guys always hung up the minute they know its us...exoticphone is a scam. only buy if you want to be scammed by exoticphone

  • No
      2nd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Couple of weeks ago I bought a brand new unlocked cell phone from, I bought one of their latest arrivals – the Sony Ericsson W995, so far I placed about 7 orders with them, I like to order from them because their phones are really good & I have no other choice but to admit that they always give the best price, compare to other websites they give the most reasonable price for unlocked OEM cell phones.

    Everything about exoticphone is really good & top class but there’s just one problem, sometimes they are late with their shipping but even then I can’t complain because later on they always make it up to me, they either give me a free car charger or a $5.00 discount.

    I told all of my friends, family members & colleagues about exoticphone and most my known people order from them regularly, yesterday a friend of mine, named alex bought a new Nokia N97 from them, I think he will receive the phone tomorrow. He is so excited about it, you guys are not going to believe how much he got it for, can you guess??? He got it only for $725.00, unbelievable, isn’t it? Other people are selling it for over $770.00 and some are selling for over $800.00. I wanted to order one of the N97 for myself as well but its too expensive for me, i can’t afford it at the moment. If anybody out here wants to get a N97 I would definitely recommend that you get it from exoticphone, firstly because of the unbelievable price they are offering and secondly because the N97 which they have not made in Korea, China or Japan, its made in Finland.

    OK now about my W995, man I really don't know what to say about it, its such a wonderful phone and for a music lover like this phone is perfect. I read a lot of reviews about the phone before I ordered for it but believe me the performance of the phone went beyond my expectation, I really didn't expect it to be so good. One of the rep's of exotic really helped me a lot to take this decision, he promised me that I'm not going to regret it & believe me when I say, I have no regrets what so ever, I really love the phone.

    Im writing this review about exoticphone mainly because of two reasons, firstly because Im really impressed with their service, they always take good care of me and from them I always end up getting what I want, so im one their most satisfied customers. The second reason is - I noticed that some people are writing some odd stuffs about them which is really not true, those guys are totally out of their minds, they have no idea about what they are saying or writing, either they are totally mad or they are just trying to spoil the reputation of exoticphone. Im writing this because I just needed to tell everyone the real story & I want everyone to know the truth.

  • An
      6th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    please go to The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) and report against Exoticphone.

    The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) was established as a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) to serve as a means to receive Internet related criminal complaints and to further research, develop, and refer the criminal complaints to federal, state, local, or international law enforcement and/or regulatory agencies for any investigation they deem to be appropriate.

    Official website of The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3):-

    Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | Home

    For those who aren't sure where to report a scam that FBI link is the place to go as they can direct your complaint to the authorities that have jurisdiction. Great site!

    Once the investigation process starts then it will come out how these people are stealing the social security number, driver's license and credit card informations from Bangladesh and then.. (you know what they can do with it)

    Spend a few minutes to save a person being a victim of identity theft.

  • He
      24th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes - Scam and lies
    United States

    I've placed a order of cell phone on January. was offering best price over the net that time of iphone. I called their customer support to confirm the price. They talked nicely and gave me word that I will receive the before my gf birth day.

    After placing the order I was waiting to receive the phone but it has been passed 2 days of the due date. When I called to their customer service center, they told me that there was some technical problem in their system. The president of, jay, gave me word that I shall receive the phone by Wednesday. On friday I've received a nokia old model refurbish phone. which may cost $50 to 60. Importantly, The sent me iphone packet and I got the old nokia inside.

    I called them and asked the reason amazingly they reply me that I have ordered them Nokia not iphone. I tried to find out the nature of their business. google help me to know that they are scammer. They write some good reviews by their employees in the web for marketing. It is really very hard to realize that they are scammer.

    Be careful before you place order on the internet because there are lots of site who are running scam business.

  • Ex
      17th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes - Credit Card Fraud
    United States

    Yes, I am the Ex-Employee of It is funny that the owner of exoticphone simply cannot stop lying and he is already setting up trap for more customers. So you order, and they get your credit card number and then when they get a chance they will either Sell it to a frudstar or they will use your credit card to order something profitable like a laptop which can be easily sell back on the market.

    After they still the credit card they will not use the card right away. They will use it within few months so you do not notice the charge.

    The minute i said about their lying is because THERE ARE NO FEMALE WORKS AT THEIR COMPANY. The entire company is ran by two asian dudes and there are no female work for this company. If you do not believe me, please call their number and ask if there is any women works there and i am sure you will know your answer.

    Believe me, i would'nt be ruining my time and write here. I have millions of things to do in life.

    Guys do this. Go to and Type this down on search filed: exoticphone scam

    and you will see thousands of scam report on them.

    Moderater, kindly click on this link and you will know what i am talking about

  • Ma
      8th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes - Scam
    United States is a scam. My name is Maria, from California. I'm new in USA. I ordered a cell phone from

    They charged me cheap price me that was attracted me but i never receive my phone till now, when I called them they told me they have some short of technical in their system.

    The is the 2ns month of my order and there is no hope.

    Please help me how can T get my money from them.

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