Executive Timeshare Marketing Inc.Unauthorized charges

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This company called me to ask if i would be interested in selling my timeshare which I am, they were very smooth, fast talkers and cheaper than other companies that do this on the up and up.

I decided after checking out their website to do this on 12-22-08. I signed a contract, gave them $300 and never heard from them again.

I called about 15 times and talked to different people everytime but each was the same in telling me 'someone will get back to you' and no one ever did. I asked to talk to a manager around the 18th or 19 call and although I did not get a manager I apparently got someone that is his/her secretary. I explained that i was told that I would get updates and my property would be sold within weeks, and that I was disappointed in the fact that no one ever called me about the status, and that I was still getting calls (about 3) frompeople from theri company asking if I want to sell me timeshare! Which I always replied, you have it to sell, please do!

I told the girl that since no one has ever called, I have no updates and when I told the different c/s agents i thought this was a scam and they never disagreed with me that I wanted a full refund that I felt they did nothing to uphold their end of the contract. They simply told me no. I told them that I would be reporting them and they didn't care.

So here I am trying very hard to save someone their hard earned $300 to not use this company. They will not do a thing. I doubt they have an office, probably someone basement with some phones. Please whatever you do, do not do what I did, do not give it to these people you will never see your money again, and in fact it is even hard to talk to anyone in charge, to this day I have not been able too.


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      Jun 26, 2009

    I worked for this company for 2 weeks and it was a %100 scam. The company was owned by Jason Wall aka Jurgen Wall Husband of Lina Wall. Jason encuraged his sales reps to make false promises "anything to get the sale" as this company never sold or rented 1 single timeshare. This company folded and merged with Timeshare Travels which is the same scam under a different name. The majority of the sales reps were also never paid including myself. This does make me a so-called-disgruntled-ex-employee but everything I am saying is true. When the 2 companies merged noone ever told the thousands of timeshare owners listed on his site any of this-they were just forgotten. Jason also used his possition of power there to have sexual relations with several of the young female employees there and his wife is unaware of this. If you feel you have been ripped off by Jason Wall aka Jurgen Wall then call the FBI and complain at [protected]. If enough people complain then something will be done. If you want to make it a little more personal then his home address is 22206 Bell Lago Dr Unit 1502 Boca Raton, Fl 33433. He drives a sleek silver Nissan. The number for timeshare travels is [protected]. If you want to know more then email me at [protected]

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      Feb 11, 2011
    Executive Timeshare Marketing Inc. - ripped off by $ 997.00
    Executive timeshare Marketing Inc.
    3860 W. Commercial Blvd 33309
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Promise to sale my timeshare for $997.00 within 2 months, faxed me a contract sheet I signed it. ( LIC# TC 3230 TP11026 Address: 3860 W. Cial Blvd Tamarae, FL 33309 ) In a month I called to check status spoke to Rhonda told me clients were waiting to get the loan approved. Called severl times similar stories, spoke to Mrs Snizer I was about to give her my contract # they had given me she quickly asked for my name and verified Contract # [protected]... I finally asked if I could see my information on their website, they said yes. I called again and told them why I do not see my information on your website they told me to please wait a couple of days they were so busy. I was coming to approx 9 months of signing the contract and feeling like I was ripped off. last phone calls I made they kept telling me Rhonda is not there, computers were down, having trouble with the lights, kept telling them I wanted my money back. I will get a call from them as soon as possible. Did not get a call from them . I tried to call, but all #s are out of service or different business. [protected] [protected] fax [protected] ) I was ripped off by $997.00 got me so tense I got sick.

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      Jul 14, 2011

    Hello my name is Susan and I work with BCA Recovery, a private dispute analyst company and we are here to answer any questions you may have about the process. We do not need any personal information to get started. We have a 95% success rate and will also recover any interest you might have paid on the particular charge in question…. with NO UPFRONT FEES or SIGNED CONTRACTS. Please feel free to give us a call at [protected] Ext. 401 or Ext. 411 – Email

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