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Beware of Executive Movers [protected] of Victoria Park Ave. Toronto for questionable ethical and professional conduct
A guy named Moses answered the phone to book our move and said his deal was $40/hr with 2 men. We agreed . The move was for a dining room suite and a few furnitures.
After a couple of furnitures were loaded in the tuck, driver asked for $500.
Our reponse was we knew nothing about that kind of deposit. We called their head office, spoke to Moses, who agreed that we can just give the driver $120. (3 hours). We then gave the cash. After they loaded a couple more furnitures, driver said they need$300.00 or else they will not continue..we called Moses again but were given the run around. Driver and other men just laughed, stopped working and smoked and said the clock is ticking and thery will not move the stuff till we gave another $300.00.
We ended up : losing our money, carrying all the stuff back that they left in the front door and few pieces in their truck, wasted our day and are now having to hire another mover.


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  • Je
      Aug 12, 2009

    I had teh very same experience. I phoned [protected] Andrew [protected] to arrange a very small move of table, chairs and credenza. I was quoted $37/hr + travel and that it would only take 1 hr. The movers taht came were from Executive Movers and bottomline scammed me of $400+ with charges they never mentioned before...they also load teh stuff in teh truck and demand are basically hostage to their ways. BIG SCAM They go under several different names under Kijiji. COMPLETE SHAMELESS ACTIVITY.

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  • Va
      Oct 01, 2009

    I also had a similar experience with these guys. Totally unethical and unprofessional.

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  • An
      Dec 09, 2009

    I also made a HUGE Mistake by calling these ROBBERS (EXECUTIVE MOVERS) [protected] or [protected]. I had spoken to the owner Moses.He puotted me $40 per hour for 3hours with 2 men. Which I only have 5 pieces to be moved and I explained I have a fridge, stove, 2 dressers and china cabinet. it wouldn't take 3 hours and the move was a block away. I also told him I just got separated from my husband and have a special needs child, his words to me was $120.00 and I will cut you a deal. I thanked him. Confirmed the move day before.

    Well the moving day they arrived late 30mins asked me for a deposit which I did not know about after loading the truck they called their head office with my cell phone and gave me a bill for $511.75 dollars with stairs, travel, labour, appliances and kilometers charges. I was not HAPPY I called Moses, he wasn't very helpful he discounted my bill by $40.00 dollars on the labour charges. I had to pay or I wasn't getting my stuff. They followed me to the bank and I had to pay before the drop off. At the drop off they wanted to charge me again for more stairs charge I was so angry I refused to pay anymore, they again used my phone to call the head office and after they unloaded the truck. They damaged my fridge, stove, and the door trims. NOT HAPPY!!!
    Two days after the move I called Executive Movers spoke to Mike I explained everything to him he listened and he did agreed I was over charged for 5 items he was going to speak to Moses and refund me my money. Haven't heard for the Robbers as of today and now I'm going to get even with them. Single mother with a special needs child at Christmas time they guys are animals and human.
    I should have done my home work before calling them but I don't have too much time on my hands.

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  • Bo
      Feb 13, 2010

    why would someone take 3 hrs to load a table and 6 chairs? ????? why would you pay for 3 hrs... guess $40/hr x 3 hrs = $120 ..which you paid move 6 chairs and a table. where you moving your furniture to kingstone city? ... from the way you talking you lied to the movers about what you where moving, ... you moved a 4 bedroom hse. good work executive mover... i saw all your charges on the internet... there is nothing wrong... keep up the good work... i will tell all my friends to use... you did a great job!!!

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  • We
      Mar 19, 2010

    These are the worst movers ever. Damaged goods. Just there to rip you off. This company has many names and are all liked back to Moses Matanda who, IMHO, is a crook. Wish I had done more research before we hired them. Company has many names, Executive Movers, Movemasters, Kiya Halla Movers, Diamond Movers, Premier Movers etc, etc. They can be identified mostly by the common language and the phone numbers they use. Here is a list of numbers: [protected]-[protected]-[protected] [protected]) 654-4284 They claim to be insured but I doubt it as I tried to get them to process a a light they broke and my $2500.00 fridge that they battered up. No luck. Moses told me that I would have to pay $500.00 more as a deductible and that I should have paid for insurance upfront. The move cost us $1400.00 and they didn't even move 1/2 of our stuff. The bill never made any sense. Names of the people who work at these companies include: Martin, Tony, Gary, Sean and Moises. I have been told there is also a Mike and a John but I have never spoken to them - yet.

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  • Di
      Mar 25, 2010

    I agree totally with webfeet. I have similar horrible experience with Movemasters. I ended up paying $1000 for moving a one bedroom apartment which costs me $1500 to move the same stuff from Toronto to Boston plus two months storage. I have dealt with Martin [protected]). I threatened to take the case to CBC. Martin said to me, "well, I can always change the company's name", which is exactly what they are doing!

    Damaged goods. Incomplete job. Rude movers. They are criminals! I really hope that no one will fall into their scams anymore. I regret that the law isn't tough enough on these ###!

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  • Sc
      Jul 19, 2010

    I would be very careful when dealing with Matanda. He is very aggressive and intimidating, and I would not get him angry. Despite newspaper reports against him, the police are not willing to do anything. Apparently he is getting into directing films now--
    Just don't count on getting paid if you work for him-- perhaps you'll have to pay him at the end of it instead!

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