exceltelemedia / sacking by someone who doesn't know the job

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i have worked for exceltelemedia for some time now and majority of the time had no problems. however today i was sacked by one of their staff who admitted to me few weeks back when she called to introduce herself that she had never or would ever do this form of work but had been brought in on a part-time basis to check out that the ladies are doing their work properly. but today she called again and said she had concerns re my still working for the company as i had at some point swore at a caller and also on the threesome line had refused to do girl on girl action. i told her i believe that when taking on the job i was to have control over what i did and didn't do and had informed the caller of this, she went on to say that this wasn't right and basically i was to do exactly what the caller wanted. however i asked if she could suspend me for few weeks and I'd came back refreshed but she wasn't having it she was sacking me there and then. i informed her i needed to do the job but she was not concerned and hung up. i tried to log back in and also go onto the website to print off any current wage slips for my records but all has been deleted. i have contacted the office and now await a reply of either emailed copies of wage slips or a reply to say copies in post. has anyone else had this problem of instant dismissal what annoys me the most is its being done by someone who has never done this form of work before and had no intention to. if you wish to email me i'm on cat.[protected] i won't be disclosing any details but would contact u back if you wished me to do so i just like to see if this is happening to others. thanks


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