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1 Gudivada, India

We are the customers for the particular internet service provider for last few years. but from last one and half month we are unable to access internet for certain timings. We reported to the officials (Local Office, Branch Office and Head Office)too many times but they never responded. They replied that some body is hacking your router some times and after some days they told power problem but at our place there is no power problem. After that they told some body is assessing your IP address by clearing MAC Address like these they told too many reasons. When we try to contact to the official person they never connected. Due this problem we have a huge loss from my client. Who is responsible for this either me for taking useless service from them or maintaining staff with lack of knowledge by the service provider. I won't suggest this internet service provider for any one. No proper staff and no proper service from them.

Jun 12, 2015

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