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1 Blue Springs Missouri, United States
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This one is affiliated with the ATA and the issues I have with this school is if you belong to the ATA, signed contract or not they refuse to let you change schools. I recently tried to leave this particular school, my son had a great instructor and he was forced out. I have had issue since with the Chief Instructor/owner of the school, not enough instructors and what I was getting for what he was charging. Since I was part of the ATA family I tried to go down the road, low and behold I was told that they would accept me with open arms. Shortly after that, I guess the new school I was to attend must of had to get a release from the other school I was told that the original instructor had claimed dibs I guess on the future goings on of my child, you can only train here now. Again I have no contract, but this school has exclusive rights to my child. We will leave and go to another Martial Arts school not associated with the ATA, we have since found out they are putting our child in jeopardy, they have evidently not done a background check on this instructor since he has domestic abuse charges on him. Anyway, I guess this is tell people to run from the ATA, especially in Blue Springs Missouri. Do not spend a lot of money and listen to what they tell you, three years down the road you will not be able to get out.

Jan 20, 2017

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