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Excel Airways / Inbound and outbound Flight delays

1 United Kingdom Review updated:

Experienced total over eleven hours long delays both on the outbound and inbound flights also experienced problems with inbound meals paid for and meals not supplied. We lost time off our holiday, missed day off work as unpaid leave and also incurred losses in taxis fares due to delays.

Reasons: Returning flight from Bodrum incurred a delay due to technical difficulties with the operating aircraft. Due to constraints within XL flying programm, they were unable to provide an alternative aircraft.

XL cannot accede to me request for compensation, as we act in accordance with EU Regulation 261/2004. This European regulation was introduced to govern the way in which all European flight carriers operate towards passengers, and it provides set criteria that must be followed when flights are canceled,
or delayed. They were not acting in accordance with the EU Regulation. Finally M.D offered me £20.00 off next booking as a compensation.


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  • Ri
      18th of Jan, 2007
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    You are not alone, take a look at

  • Ke
      6th of Mar, 2007
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    Oh believe me i feel your pain! just got back from tobago (flying with XL) 3 days later than planned! was a complete balls up from start to finish, i am determined to get compensation from them (hopeffully before they go bankrupt) i mean putting up 1200 passengers in 5 star resorts in the caribbean on a weekly basis due to incompetent maintainence of their planes must be costing them a fortune! Yes there are worse places to be stranded i understand, but seriously 3 DAYS??? NEVER AGAIN!!!

  • Ro
      4th of Oct, 2007
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    I have just experienced a 32 hour delay by this incompetent company stranded at Thessaloniki Airport in Greece from Thursday afternoon departing finally after numerous false starts on Saturday 29 Sep[tember.They did provide hotel accommodation the first night and a sandwich and water the second day.I had to wait 2 hours outside the airport till 1am to be taken to the hotel then one hour in 2 queues(one ostensibly to get a voucher -which they then rescinded and one to get the sandwich)

    EXCEL OR XL really are the pits.They brought a specialist engineer in from Athens to cure their 'minor'technical problem but it was beyond his capability.They brought another aircraft from Turkey but that had faulty brakes so just touched down and immediately took off.The third aircraft supplied finally took off 32 hours late landing us at Gatwick at 3am having to wait hours for a train.I have asked them about compensation under EU261/2004 and Montreal Convention but they are trying to wheedle out of it by saying the Flight Number did not change and it was a delay not a cancellation.Can anyone give me advice on how to pursue a compensation claim please?

  • Ex
      6th of Nov, 2007
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    Guys Guys Guys! when an aircraft breaks down, the airline cant help it.. ### happens... its like you taking your family on a summer vacations and your car breaks down on the way... you wouldn't expect them to start kicking off at you!?? You may think there the pits... if thats your opinion, perhaps you should of done better at school and then you could afford to pay for an expensive ticket with a first class airline, which might have a spare aircraft sitting about when things go wrong. Its principle really.. do you guys have have a spare car on your drive fro when yours breaks down.. I think not! why waste 50 million having a spare aircraft. There are such things as last minute charter companies, which some airlines use in the event of delays, but they might not always have aircraft available. Build yourself a rowing boat and get there yoursel[censored]

  • Jo
      21st of Nov, 2008
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    Excel crew... maybe you should have stayed at school and therefore beable to worked for a more reliable company! I hope you feel proud of your beloved company now! So glad that airline gone, wont be missed!

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