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Ewc Payments Pty Ltd. Donvale Auau / you took 39.95 from my bank account

Elyria, OH, United States Review updated:
I don't know what website but all the sudden 39.94 was out of my account I want it back It was something I didn't pay for I want it back on the bank statement this who was on statement EWC Payment Pty Ltd Donvale AUAU


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  5th of Jan, 2009
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BINGO!!! I found this today on my banking statement online. I did some investigative work, and when I saw the matching words, I called my bank to stop the transaction.

I like to see the attorney generals of each state and the USA involved in investigating these people.
  6th of Jan, 2009
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I looked at my bank statement online today, and if any of you see this website address: CatchCS.com, it will open up with the link at the top.

Further, if you look at the drop-down menu when it asks if you forgot your password, there are some pretty nasty names on there like "Arab Street Hookers", and more.

I called this number, 305-731-2303, to cancel this membership. They told me they will issue a full refund. I hope.

People, call your bank and change your debit cards.
  15th of Jan, 2009
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Hi Willie !

I had a similar incident last month with some outfit called Reservation Rewards. I contacted them via email and they agreed to refund the $11.95 subscription fee they had deducted without my permission.

I think this was a result of a telemarketing call asking me to join. Even though I said no I guess the guy subscribed me anyway and took my money.

Willie is right, you really have to go through your statement in detail each month looking for odd transactions. It may only be $11.95 in my case but if they con a few hundred people who don't notice then it starts to add up.
  21st of Jan, 2009
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Ewc Payments Pty Ltd. Donvale Auau - Credit Card Fraud
United States

On December 27th I logged into the Best Buy web site to make a purchase. I entered my VISA gift card information and clicked submit.

The purchase was declined as it was more than the amount on the card which I knew, but was hoping to be able to use 2 sources of credit for the transaction, but could not. I decided to go in person to Best Buy the next day. Unfortunately, when I got to the counter and they ran my $1000.00 gift card it showed a balance of $73.13.

I had never used it except on the Best buy site the night before. In the end there were 4 fraudulent purchases made, 2 of which I was able to cancel. Two I could not. One at the GAP online store for $161, the other thru EWC payments in the amount of $612.00. I'm still trying to recover this loss thru the credit card company. They say it can take up to 90 days.

Interestingly enough a ship to address and phone # appearred as part of my account on the best buy web site where one of the fraudulent purchases was attempted. The address was 9100 Mills road Apt 905, Huston, Tx 77070. I've filed a police report. They are investigating the person at that address and are aware of EWC payments fraudulent activities. I hope someone is brought to justice. Anyone have additional or similar information to share regarding this address, the person at it or EWC payments, please pass it on to me. I will pass it on to the authorities.
  21st of Jan, 2009
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WOW, i am glad i ran across this! the same thing just happened to me and i went to the site to cancel and it showed as no user, so i could not cancel. i called that the rep found my account with no problem, go figure! i had them cancel and they refunded the total amout back to me.
  23rd of Jan, 2009
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Just happened to me too - I got the email from my bank warning me for irregular check-card activity and found that Donvale is in pending status to take $29.95 from my account. I cancelled my debit card as well... and Donvale is not only one that took money from my account... other parties took money at the SAME TIME - it is quite supcious as there is an automated system to withdraw money in a fraud/scam way from these so called websites and companies name:

Entertainment book

These companies aboved was debited from my account... at the SAME TIME - thats why I had to dispute my card and cancel it!
  7th of Feb, 2009
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to all those affected use the website http://findsupportonline.com to find out what the person has been doing with ur CC Details and then report them to the FBI via the IC3 referral form for internet crime.
  9th of Feb, 2009
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We all need to to go Ic3.gov and reprot these companies. Ic3 is the FBI's fraud devision setup to stop these ###!

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