EVS GroupBe Careful. See complaints ITV Ventures

I bought into ITV Ventures as an Independent Business Owner a while back. After the courts slapped its president, Donald Barrett, with a $55, 000, 000 judgement from a lawsuit filed by the FTC regarding fraudulent claims made about his products, Barrett shut down ITV and reformed as EVS. We were promised refunds of unused balances left in our ITV accounts. But despite numerous emails and voice messages, including two emails to Mr. Barrett himself, no one has responded and no refund has been forthc0ming. EVS is just a rename of the same skanky group of people. BE CAREFUL!! There are complaints all over the internet about Barrett and his pal Kevin Trudeau, and all the fraud they have perpetrated over the years. They are millionaires. The rest of us have been duped into putting money in their pockets.

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