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My dealing with this company was atrocious. I placed on order on the 31st, Sunday and it didn't even process until Thursday. I know Monday was a holiday, but three business days to process my order? Newegg deals with a lot more orders than they do and I RECEIVE product in 3 days from them, sometimes less. I called the customer service and they basically told me to eat it, that I'd have to receive the product to return it through RMA system, meaning it'd take days to weeks to even get my return information. HOlding my money hostage. I asked if I could deny the package and file a return after, they told me "That's not the way it works". Guess I'll try out BFG, or no, ATI even! Edit: Received the card, and it was DOA, imagine that! Never ordering from EVGA again.

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      1st of Aug, 2009
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    I ordered a product from EVGA online at their website then realized after i hit submit that my computer might not have the power supply lvl to back up the card i bought. So i took off my computers side panel and sure enough it was not good enough for the card i just ordered from EVGA. I then got on the phone waited on hold for 25 minutes, while sprint charged me a dollar every minute i was on hold to talk to a customer service rep from EVGA. I called to cancel my order i just placed 30 minutes earlier. He told me it was canceled and we talked about what card would best fit into my system. He offered his sugestion and i went along my way.

    A day later i check my bank statements online and see that EVGA has taken out of my account 550 dollars U.S. Again i called EVGA and was online with them for another 25 minutes while sprint charged me a dollar per minute (thats 50 dollars so far) to ask them whats the deal. They told me it takes a few days to process an order and that it was canceled it just had to go through its process first then it would credit my account. I said that seems highly unprofessional, but ok i'll wait and see.

    4 days later UPS knocks on my door with a video card from EVGA, the one i canceled the order with and the one EVGA took 550 dollars from my bank account. I refused the package and then once again called EVGA. This time i got a litlte message that said that they would call me back on my phone if i left my phone number with them. I did and i never recieved a phone call, still to this day EVGA has never called me back.

    So after waiting an entire day i called EVGA and waited through this time 55 minutes an hour and a 100 bucks sprint charged me for my phone to talk to them. The man said i need to fill out an RMA online and send back to a different place with a different address, and that i can't refuse delivery. I told the guy, wait i need to fill out a form and have this RMA approved, for an upopened package that i refused, and canceled, that you canceled for me but lied to me and never really canceled it.

    Then the guy said well if you placed the order near 3 oclocck then it might have gone out that day, i told him it took 3 days to process the order, meaning the pakcage never left your warehouse for 3 days, i placed the order at 10am canceled it at 10:30am your people are liars i said to him, and he hung up the phone on me.

    i called back and waited 30 minutes to talk to someone, and they said i need to fill out an RMA. so i filled out an RMA, called UPS told them i refuse any packages sent from EVGA to my address, and to put a delivery ban on my address, so once they received the package they can't resend it to me, atleast not my address.

    Still to this day i have no graphics card and they have never credited my account. sprint charged me a few hundred bucks and this entire venture cost me near a thousand dollars, with nothing to show for it.

    EVGA are crooks thiefs liars dishonest people who ive been told sell a good graphics card, but ive yet to see for myself. All i know is DO NOT GIVE this company your money.

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