I think I'm in a bit of a bind right now, and I really need some kind of advice as to how I should handle it...

See, a few hours ago, I was shopping around for a cable I needed, a u8 usb connector, to be exact. I found them at a couple of sources, but all of them were priced out of a range I was able to pay, so I decided to try some other sites that I wasn't entirely familiar with, but tried to make sure that I would always check as best as I could to see if these other sites were scams, frauds, phishing, etc. I ended up at, a sort of online open air market for different online vendors. At Pricegrabber, I checked several different sources before deciding on I made sure to check the user rating through PriceGrabber to get a feel for other customers' experience with this particular seller.

Customer reviews for the first five pages or so were mostly positive, and the overall rating was still very high, 4 out of 5 stars, so I decide to go ahead and place my order. After I order, I read further into the back pages of the reviews, and this is where I realize that I made a big mistake: many of the further back reviews complain about cheap products, receiving broken or defective items, wrong items being shipped, horrible customer service. I decide to google the word 'Everydaysource' along with the word 'scam', and what I get is very unsettling to me: Pretty much every customer review for this site lists it as being a straight up scam:

What bothers me even more is that Everydaysource is also known as "eforcity", which, according to many, is known for simply ripping people off:

So now I'm kind of scared, and a couple of things are bothering me:
I made the purchase with my debit card, it was the only card I had available.
There was no option to cancel my order through PriceGrabber, or the vendor. What's worse, even after I sent an email saying that I wanted to cancel the order, the money was taken out of my account almost immediately.
I have no way of contacting my bank until hours later today, at 9am in the morning.

How should I handle this? Should I even bother contacting the bank in the morning? Is it possible at this point to get my money back? And what measures can I take to safeguard my account?

I would truly be grateful for any response I receive for this.

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