Everyday JoeWTS + Alan Davenport = SCAM

WTS + Alan Davenport and his team of bottom feeders.

I invested with WTS $6600 plus a trading account of $1000 on promises of returns and Guarantee of initial outlay if they failed which apparently they never have.
2 years later not 1 cent returned $1000 gone ! traded away nothing but the run around and promises, empty promises. These people have more hide than Jessie the elephant, they pretend to be other people when you ring even though you know their voices. I have read lots of complaints about WTS and the odd positive response of support makes me laugh ! especially one particular comment that raves about how well this person had done out of WTS ! how much money they had made and that all these complaints about WTS must be from rival companies. What the writer did not realise was down in the next box was the persons email address. None other than Alan Davenport !!! the owner of WTS ! how stupid does he think people are and yes I am sure he has made a lot of money from WTS ! money he is ripping off people.
Beware they are cold hearted con artist somehow constantly getting away with taking money under false pretenses without having to return the money because when it gets to hot they just close up shop and start under a new similar name. Stay away and save your money. And if you have been stung ! report them

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