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Everyday Inn - 593 Rockingham Road, Bellows Falls / Unacceptable customer treatment

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I am a resident of Fairfield Ct. and the owner of a small Gourmet Specialty Food Business. Prior to the 19th of Oct. I called and made reservations at the Everyday Inn at Bellows Falls at 593 Rockingham Rd. I am a 68 year old Male. I reserved two rooms one for myself and my wife and one for a friend and his fiancee who were going with me to the Keene New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival. I arrived about 8:00 p.m. that evening and my friends were going to get there later that evening. I asked the gentleman at the desk ( owner ) if it would be possible to reserve the rooms for the following night as well. He informed me that the rooms would be $97.01 total with tax for Saturday the same that I payed for Friday evening for each of the two rooms that I had reserved, but that they were already booked. I asked him to inform my friends when they arrived that were would be no vacancies on Saturday evening.

When my friends arrived later they were told by this same gentleman that they had received three cancellations and that we could reserve the rooms at our present rate. My friends did not inform me of this as it was already late and they were afraid we were asleep.

When my friends informed me the following morning at 7:30 a.m. that they were told of the vacancies. I called the front desk to reserve our two rooms. I was told by the owners wife ( I think it was his wife ) that since the cancellations were called in that morning that the rates for the rooms would be $149.00 plus $12.00 tax. I told her that my friends were told that we could retain our rooms for the original charge when they arrived the night before. She started arguing with me insisting that the cancellations were made that morning even though it was only about 7:30 a.m. at that time and I insisted my friends were informed the night before. When we received our wakeup calls at 7:00 that morning was when my friend called to inform me that the rooms were available. The woman lied to us the following morning and refused to honor her husbands offer the night before actually insisting we were wrong insinuating we were lying.

This woman was despicable and was rude and I feel that you should know of her actions as I feel that her actions were uncalled for and that you should be notified how this woman treats visitors to your fine state. The treatment we received from her was in complete contrast to the treatment we received at Leslie's restaurant where my wife and I went to dinner upon our arrival. It was a far cry from the treatment we received at the Everyday Inn from the owners wife.

I am hopeful that the Chamber of Commerce would put the owners of the Everyday Inn on notice that their treatment of us was uncalled for and totally unacceptable behavior.


Mel Gancsos


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