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Everyday Furnishings aka One Click Furniture / Scam alert!

1 585 8th St.New York, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: Why bother, they don't an

SCAM ALERT!!! Everyday Furnishings just changed their name to ONE CLICK FURNITURE, due to all the bad reviews... here's what they are doing:

You buy furniture from their awesome variety and great PRICES/free shipping (this is the lure... your credit card gets charged immediately (red flag) then, weeks go by with no word of shipment, and when you call or e-mail with complaints, they LIE and make up excuses on either why it hasn't come yet (held up in production is a favorite of theirs), or that it is on its way... For big complainers (like me), they will throw you a bone like $50 bucks for your waiting, which makes you feel better for a while, but then after a few more weeks you realize that your order still is not coming... they may even send you part of your order (they sent me the lowest cost item on my list, which was only $78... this keeps you strung along until after so many days from your original purchase date, your credit card can no longer file any dispute, because you waited too long, and guess who keeps your money!!

And, by the way, I did some research for this address of theirs, and other home improvement "businesses" are being run from the same shop of 585 8th St. NY [protected]... judge for yourself, but PLEASE don't give them money!! I'm one of the lucky ones, they only got $845 from me, but some people have lost thousands to these criminals... big shout out to Al & Suzie- you CROOKS!

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  • Gr
      28th of Nov, 2007
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    I too was scammed by One click. I finally got my money back by calling and calling and calling Al Carter and Stan Jay (crooks) I got into the answering machine system and left them both 45 messages each. Just wanting a call. Still didn't get a call. So I called for 3 days strait. Would not let them get off the phone with me. They hung up 8-9 times but finally I got them on the phone with the finance company (on 3 way calling) and the finance company got it taken care of in 5 min. Thank you GE Money!

  • Te
      19th of Dec, 2007
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    Stay away from these guys. They are crooks. No other way to describe them.

  • Da
      4th of Mar, 2008
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    We also were scammed by Everyday furnishings; Al and Suzie. What a bunch of liars. Same story; ordered Bedroom set for youth, never delivered and fed a line of outright lies. am in process of trying to get money back from credit card. Also directly contacted Kathy Ireland Standard which is who made the set and they acted so surprised at how we were cheated. They are responsible for their distributors and I feel they are just as guilty. How are these people still scamming? Why haven't authorities shut them down and arrested them? This is fraud and scam which is illegal. Has anyone contacted the new york police? Why aren't they doing something. Can't believe I fell for it.

  • Em
      8th of Mar, 2008
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    I am reporting "" also known as "" to every business bureau I can think of, and contacting Chris Hansen, of Dateline NBC, concerning their deceptive and fraudulent online business practices. I wish I had done a Google search on this company and had read the numerous complaints...I definitely would NOT have placed an order. Unfortunately, in November, I placed an order for a table. I expected the table to be delivered within 6-8 weeks, as advertised on the "" website. By the end of February, the table still had not been delivered. During the months of December, January, and February, I called their Customer Service department each week, to find out when to expect the delivery of the table. Every week, the Customer Service Reps., Al and Suzie, would tell me the same story: "the table has been released from the warehouse. The freight company will be contacting you to schedule a delivery." The freight company never called. In February, I received an email offering me a credit of $60.00, if I agreed to receive the delivery of the table in March. I did not agree to the credit. Instead, I immediately called their Customer Support and asked Suzie for the name and phone number of the freight company, so that I could contact them directly. Suzie said she'd have Al call me back, and then proceeded to hang up on me. I called back and asked to speak with the Vice President or President of the company, and again they hung up the phone. Since I had Suzie's email address,, I immediately sent her an email cancelling my order. I never received any confirmation of my order cancellation. No credit was applied to my credit card. So, I called Customer Service again. You guessed it, they hung up on me. I contacted Chase (my credit card company), spoke with the Dispute Department, and told them what happened. I also told them that I had documentation to back up all of the communications with the Customer Service department of "oneclickfurniture / everydayfurnishings". Chase instantly applied a credit. To save others from going through this kind of horrible treatment towards consumers, I am in the process of filing complaints against "" also known as "" in as many places as possible (online), via Better Business Bureaus, and through Consumer Alerts channels. I am also going to use my media contacts to expose them as online frauds / thieves. I'm sure Chris Hansen, of Dateline NBC, would be interested in doing a story about "online consumer predators."

  • La
      18th of Mar, 2008
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    Go get 'em Emmie!! I'm afraid Al & Suzie ARE the president & vice president of Furniture Brands Group, running all kinds of fake stores--everyday & oneclick included. These two crooks just opened a new store under a different name & address: BESTBUYDECOR.COM., they're on the move!

    By the way, Channel 7 in New York has a segment called "7 on your Side"... I think they are also interested in exposing this scam.

    Good Luck... file your complaints for FURNITURE BRANDS GROUP as well, which is the "umbrella" company they've set up for all their stores.

    Good luck

  • We
      20th of Mar, 2008
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    I had a similar experience to Emmie with this company. No official invoice for the merchandise, not ever able to speak to a person unless you pretend you are placing a new order - then the phone is answered, by Al or Suzie . Never received $2200 worth of furniture so I reported them to the financial institution that I made the purchase through. I have not yet heard if they were able to retreive the finds from them. I will be willing to help with information if this is reported to Dateline, etc...Hopefully it will be aired on national TV as I made the purchase from California!

  • To
      1st of Apr, 2008
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    I have been scammed of nearly $5000. I received excuse after excuse from the company. When I became impatient, and started talking about wanting a deffinate delivery date in writing or a refund, they stopped responding. I have reported them to the local news (6 On Your Side) and the FBI. I am from the New Orleans area where people are still rebuilding and refurnishing their homes. I hope that the media will recognize the urgency of this issue.

  • Je
      5th of Apr, 2008
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    I am sorry I didn't investigate this site before we ordered our son's bedroom furniture. I have made 100's of purchases off the internet, and never been scammed like this. Red flags had been popping up for the last twelve weeks. I just didn't pay attention to them. They too, have taken $2, 700 from me. I am now on a mission to try to do something to stop these theives! Don't order anything from these scammers!!!

  • Di
      9th of Apr, 2008
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    Same thing happened to me. I've called twice about my furniture and they keep promising me a different delivery date. Online fraud, , my credit card company is also aware of the situation and they are conducting an investigation also. Not only the NY police were notified but my husband has links to the FBI so believe me these people will go down. they ought to save everyone a headache and JUST DROP DEAD do us all a favor.. ### taking up air is all these people are.

  • Lu
      13th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have posted my experiences with the Furniture Brands Group on the other Complaint Board under my name Ludmila. My full story is there so I won't repeat it on this site, but please, everybody, read every single complaint and please, DO NOT SHOP WITH THE COMPANY THAT USES SO MANY NAMES AND SCAMMING PEOPLE EVERY DAY.



  • Lu
      15th of Apr, 2008
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    The other Complaints Board is under the name Furniture Brands Group. There are many people like us who were scammed. Does anybody have any new news from Suzie Walker and company?

  • St
      24th of Apr, 2008
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    They ALMOST got me for $427. I ordered a cabinet from FURNITURE BRANDS GROUP/EVERYDAY HOME FURNISHINGS back in April 07. It arrived severly damaged and I refused delivery. They said I would recieve replacement in two weeks. After six weeks and numerous unreturned e-mails and phone calls I started a dispute with my credit card company. Two weeks after dispute started, suddenly someone is calling trying to schedule delivery. I refused and cancelled my order. In late Aug 07, my credit card company credited my account with a $427 refund. CASE CLOSED... or so I thought.
    In late November 07, I recieved another charge on my card from FBG. It seems they disputed my dispute, based on my cancelled order...and rebilled my card $427, even though I never recieved any furniture or hadent heard from them since Aug.
    I had to dispute their dispute of my original dispute!!! NOW, after numerous phone calls, faxes, emails and my credit card companies inability to contact FBG...TODAY 4/22/08 (almost one year to the day) my acct has been once again credited with $427. I'm thinking of cancelling the card, just so they cant try and sneak in again.
    If anyone knows of any investigations of this business going on, legal or other...please post. i'm going to forward everything I can find on FBS or any other name they use to my credit card company.
    Good luck to those of you still fighting them...and BEWARE to those of you thinking of buying from them!

  • Lu
      26th of Apr, 2008
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    He returned my e-mail! I wrote him, Stan and Suzie numerous e-mails asking them for refund since they are keeping my $1, 155 for never delivered furniture and canceled order within less than one month.

    Make it short, Mr. Al Carter reacted on my e-mail where I wrote: Happy Friday. Call me. What's new? Is your electronic transfer working now or you still think that we are living in the cave age? My money refund is overdue. $1, 155. Happy to get some news from you. My order was canceled on March 31, 2008 (ordered on March 6, 2008 and was charged on March 18, 2008).

    So he answered: Again, WE DO NOT USE the same credit card gateway we used once to bill your card. Due to our credit card processor's limitations we CAN NOT REFUND a card that wasn't billed on THAT gateway. That is why we CAN NOT refund you. Please call your credit card company to initiate a dispute. Let this email serve as official notice if you continue to harass us we will be forced to file a defamation of character, and harassment suit against you, and will be forwarding this to our attorneys, and you will be held liable for any losses, lawyer fees and damages to our company as a result of your harassment. Thank you. Al Carter

    I found that very interesting. He would like to sue me, the victim, for asking for return of my own money or as he is saying, for "monies."
    My answer to him was that I welcome any law suit, especially class suit and he can decide what is the best way to do for his company to increase even more publicity. It will be only fantastic, if their practices will see the daylight and the large public will be see what is going on.

    My dispute is pending, I will be happy to see my money back, but I feel strongly about informing public about this scam from FBG to prevent future scams.

  • We
      1st of May, 2008
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    Just checking back in with this subject and I am shocked that there are 8 more victims since I reported my thoughts only 44 days ago. My bank was able to retreive the money I was owed. I have just printed out these complaints and I am sending them off to MSNBC today to see if that will help.

  • Am
      28th of May, 2008
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    We too were taken for over $2000. Same story, ordered a dining set in March, promised throughout April that it would ship soon, given a date of 5/9. When called Suzie shortly after the 9th, she stated it had shipped and the delivery company would contact us directly. The next week, she sent an email after several other calls made by myself and my husband, stating it would ship out 5/23. Still nothing. Called and again spoke to Suzie yesterday who said she would get back to us later in the day with the tracking information. My husband told her he would hold while she called them and she gave him the runaround about somebody being out to lunch, blah blah blah. He then aked for the delivery company name, phone number and contact person name and she pretty much hung up on him. When we tried to call again, our calls will not go through; they must have blocked our numbers, we tried landline and cellphone both. Anyway, we initiated dispute with Capital One yesterday and have received a temporary credit while they investigate. I wonder how they make any money if I assume most pay with credit cards and capital one said they just withdrawl the money from the companies account while they are investigating. I am thinking of cancelling this card though when all is said and done due to the above post that stated they were charged a year later and had to dispute everything all over again. Also, we were contacted by capital one about 4 or 5 weeks ago and was told they were shipping out new cards because one of the merchants we used had their databases compromised. I wonder if this furniture scam is really just a front to sell cc info or even the info they collect through their "financing offer". I do plan to contact my local news (upstate NY) as well as BBB and NY attorney general. I have kept excellent records and have the time to spend to file complaints all over the place. I hope they are arrested but first publicly humiliated for the lowlife lying, cheating ### that they are.

  • Ta
      31st of May, 2008
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    how can reputable furniture companies allow these people to defraud customers that trust their brand name. does suzie and the crew actually work from the address that is supposed to be their head quarters.

  • Vi
      3rd of Jun, 2008
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    I ordered two pieces of furniture on 1/20/08. My card was charged immediately- on 1/21/08. Delivery was suppose to be in 4-6 weeks. As time went by, I started to get worried. No furniture. I contacted them via email on 4/2/08 to check the status of my order and this was their response on 4/3/08 :

    "After contacting the factory regarding your order, we have been advised that your order is completed, however it is taking longer then expected to fill the trailer. Since our prices are based on full truckloads and the trailer must be full before it leaves the factory. Your order is now scheduled to be picked up from the factory on 4/25. Once picked up your order will be
    brought to the fright company's warehouse for inspection, tagging and final delivery. Additionally while the order is in transit from the factory to the freight company's warehouse they will not have any information regarding your order. Only after it is thoroughly inspected and tagged will they then
    call you to schedule a final delivery appointment. From the time your order leaves the factory until you are contacted by the freight company could take up to 10 business days as stated on our FAQ's. Once the trucking company is identified and a tracking number is available it will be sent to you via email. If you have any further questions regarding your order simply reply to this email as it is the most efficient way to contact the customer service department."

    I still have no furniture. And this email message, which by the way did not have a contact name with it, was so sketchy. So I decided to do a little internet research (which I should have done in January!). After reading all these complaints, I immediately called my credit card company to report my situation. I emailed FBG to cancel my order and refund my money. My credit card company has already began working towards disputing the charge in case I don't get my refund. How can this fraudulent activity continue like this? They should not be allowed to do business. Thank you all for posting your situations. I will forever use this site before making another internet purchase!

  • Lu
      15th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Everybody should check:

    and look for similarities with AKA furniture brands group and many, many more names used by this company.

    Please, be aware, read all complaints and learn from us who already experienced pain from shopping with these people.

  • Ni
      23rd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Same situation here as all of you. This is the first time I have been scammed. $3, 500 worth of Bedroom Furniture for our new house. We ordered in March and have just learned that it is all a Fraud. I had contacted them several times over the past few months and, of course, the truck was not full. I can't get a refund because they are not using the machines anymore (B.S.) I would be open to any suggestion on how to get the funds back without taking a baseball bat to the owner's home.

  • Ka
      21st of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Add me to the list of victims. I ordered from April 20 2008. Same story as everyone else. My credit card was immediately charged but item never delivered. I made numerous calls and was given many excuses and promises of future delivery dates. The usual story was that the truck wasn't full. The last promised date was July 31. August 1 I tried calling again and their phone was either busy or I woud be in a phone loop. Their websites show no longer taking orders and their email addresses are no longer good. I hope this means they have been shut down!! I'm lucky as I only ordered a $200 item and my credit card company has refunded the money. However I still want to see them prosecuted and locked up!!!

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