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Purchased landscaping work on May 17, 2009 from Mr. Dontre Jones with a completion date of June 10, 2009. Work to be completed was landscaping in front of house, seed and aerate back yard, rock under deck, and sod part of back yard with a cost of $3550.00 for all work. The portion of the yard that we wanted sod on was quoted around $2000.00 for that part alone. Mr. Jones workers arrived sometime in the 1st week of June and within 2 complete days had the work completed. At the time work was complete but within 1 day of sod being laid in backyard it was starting to wilt. By second and third day brown areas appeared. Sod was watered twice a day but just got worse. After a week a call was placed to Mr. Jones asking about the sod's condition with a reply that it was not dead to just keep watering. So another week passed with worsening of sod condition and yet we called Mr.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Greenbrier, TNJones again requesting that he come to look at the sod himself because we thought it was dead seeing as how all was brown except a couple of spots. Mr. Jones finally came to look at the sod and accused us of not watering it, but he was informed that we had been and could get statements from neighbors stating such. Then he quickly stated that it was not dead that the sun had burn it up. We ask Mr. Jones what could be done to fix our now brown dead backyard and he said he would come back within the next few days to put fertilizer on it. Low and behold he never returned. So today July 5, 2009 we placed yet another call to Mr. Jones about the sod, requesting that he come back out to look at the dead grass. He stated that he would but that he was out of town for the next 2 weeks and when he got back he would come put fertilizer on our dead grass and seed and aerate it. I did not pay him $2000.00 to have that portion seeded and aerated. I wanted sod that was nice and green and so I deserve. All Payments were made to Mr. Jones in the form of a check. He has been paid in full for his work. I just want my yard to look nice.

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  • Sh
      Jul 05, 2009

    It doesn't sound like he'd be someone that's a part of a BBB. The best thing to do is be very strict with him and threaten legal action if he doesn't REPLACE the sod immediately. Don't let him talk you into anything else. Usually just the threat will startle him enough to fix the problem. It sounds like he thinks he can take advantage of you.

    However, before you threaten him, make sure you're prepared to back it up. Maybe just be more strict first and see if that makes any difference.

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  • Ri
      Aug 26, 2009

    See this person's complaint and mine at Rip-Off as well - Dontre Jones of Evergreen Landscaping is a Scam Artist! He not only was paid for work never completed after the fact, but was also renting my property and abandoned the house "in the night" while I was away in training with the military. 2 months into a 2 year contract that HE wanted with his family, he stopped replying to my emails after rent was paid late for the first 2 months and then stopped answering the phone too. I found out the house is empty and he currently owes over $2k in back rent and bills and is moving around on the run.
    He will be sued by me and read the BBB's complaints against him, these complaints and DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HIM! He takes your money, lies to your face and runs out knowing that he will not show in court or honor his promises, even in writting with a legal contract!
    His wife is Nikita and works for Keller Williams in the Clarksville or Nashville, TN area as well as a realtor, oddly selling homes and moving out while her husband bails out of legal contracts with the kids in tow!


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  • Th
      Sep 13, 2009

    TO RIPPED OFF-- My kids are not in TOW to anywhere and I hope your having fun posting this nonsense all over the internet because there WILL be a counter suit in court!

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  • Th
      Sep 13, 2009

    To NonnieMouse-Thank you, that is exactly what happened in this case. The customers were delivered live and healthy sod and they let it burn up. My company offered to reseed and aerate and they said thats not a resolution and as a result has posted this compliant all over the internet.

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