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Everex Inc / Terrible experience

1 5020 Brandin Court, Fremont, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 866-850-8835

I bought a laptop from Everex, 'the alternate pc company', and only a year after purchasing it, conveniently for the company right when the 1 year warranty is up, it completely stops working the way it is supposed to. When it goes to screen saver it takes 2 hours to get it off, it won't recognize my camera anymore, and it crashes when no one is even using it. It is so corrupted and messed up, and of course it happens right after the 1 year warranty is up.

I have filed BBB reports and am getting ready to file a federal trade commission report on them as well, and all I get from their customer service is to return it for an RMA, where they repair it, which I doubt go far beyond the computer's own repair mode... anyway it's going to cost me an additional fee. On top of the $600+ I paid for this computer, plus the 2 year additional warranty I purchased, which I am not sure what it actually covers, because after you purchase it you get to read that it does not cover corrupted files, which is usually why you need computers repaired. Anyway all in all I spent close to $700.00 including computer and warranties, and they ask me to pay them more when I tell them the computer is not working right.

I will never buy from Everex again, ever!

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  • Fd
      6th of Apr, 2009

    I would NEVER buy a computer from Everex Computers. I obtained an Everex for some computer work I had done and the owner didn't have the original software. The computer had tons of software problems, so I decided to reinstall the operating system (Windows Home) but didn't have the drivers for this computer. I went to the support section of Everex Computers web site but wasn't able to get anything. Seems most of the website is down. I called Tech Support and they told me to give it a couple of days. I did. Nothing, and that was over 2 months ago. I've owned a computer for over 25 years now and I've dealt with several computer manufacturers over the years and I've NEVER had the complete lack of support that comes from Everex. I would NEVER, EVER buy a computer from this company, and I'll be advising any clients and/or friends of mine to avoid Everex as if it were a deadly disease. In a word, Everex SUCKS.

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  • We
      27th of Apr, 2009

    I purchased an Everex stepnote x5000xt laptop, everything went smoothly for almost a year. I started getting random graphical glitches leading to complete failure of the video card. I did a little research and found that there was a recall on the Nvidia card in the laptop. I called Everex, tech support told me they were aware of the problem and were repairing free of charge. They sent me a shipping label, i willingly sent my precious laptop to be repaired. NOW THE FUN BEGINS...Everex received the laptop on 1/29/09(i never got a confirmation, i had to call everex) Waited a month, no updates. I called them back and tech support said they were waiting on motherboards..ugh. And another month passes, called them back, same thing - still waiting on motherboards. It is now 4/27/09 and i still have never received any info from Everex regarding my laptop. All the phone numbers for everex are disconnected, and their email and website are down. This is really unbelievable, that a well known company disappears from the face of the earth, along with my laptop. I guess the only path now is a lawsuit, but...who do i sue? EVEREX IS GONE!

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  • Lo
      9th of May, 2009

    I have the same problem. Sent my laptop in 2/15/09 tech said a couple weeks down while they replace the parts. Called a couple times to get updates, the tech said they were waiting on a big backlog of parts. I tried back towards the end of April, and then the phones went dead. Where the Hell is Everex? no phone numbers work, no email, no info on RMA. They disappeared. What is the next course of action? There has to be thousands of people in the same boat, left with no laptop and no information. Did this recall drive them out of business? Are the so backed up and overwhelmed they shut down all lines of communication? It is 5/9/09 where is the backlash from angry customers. No news on the web. I just want my computer back or some more information. HELP MAYDAY

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  • So
      13th of Jul, 2009

    I had my display driver fail and they said they needed to replace the hard drive. $180 later the laptop still screws up. All calls to the company go unanswered. I filed a report with the Freemont Better Business Bureau and they said the company was out of business. What a rip off.

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  • Ai
      4th of Aug, 2009

    My XT5000T has failed mechanically to operate in to ways. First, the lithium ion battery will not recharge (using the external power source connected to the notebook) and the computer sill not remain on with the electric cord connected to a wall plug.

    My phone call to Everex August 3, 2009 was greeted with a phone company message that the phone number was no longer in use. The Everex internet website is also gone.

    I had purchased a three year service plan that ends in 2010. But, when I phoned Office Max (where I purchased the plan), I was told that the "power problem" was not covered by the plan.

    Next, I searched the internet for a vendor in the attempt to purchase a replacement lithium ion battery (XTB70 21-92544-02). No luck.

    So, I have a notebook computer that cost me an initial $744 and then the additional costs for a second hard drive and the maximum amount of ram...and, now the notebook is inoperative.

    Thanks EVEREX. If I ever travel to Taiwan, I will look you up.

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  • Za
      23rd of Aug, 2009

    So I'm at work I finally get all the programs I need so that my laptop functions... and tonight the mouse stops working... hmmmm... can't log off so I turn it off. Now althought the fan starts and there are some lights indicating that it's on, I have nothing, a black screen. I call the tech support number on the bottom and it's disconnected ... "the new number is..." WTF! So I try the website which won't connect, not unusual since I'm on a gov computer... then I stumble upon this site... I'm guessing I may as well you it for target practice cause it seems that I'm the same ripped off boat... I told him not to buy an off brand... DAMN IT!

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  • En
      4th of Oct, 2009

    I have 4 Everex laptops, two XT and two NC versions. I bought my XT5300T over two years ago, never had a problem, mind you I repair computers off and on so I have some knowledge. Big thing I realized with any laptop you'll need to get extra cooling either one that the laptop sits on like the ZM--NC2000 or Evercool Fairy that fit on the grill. Also clean it on a regular basis! I take the processor heatsink and fan off and clean it. I bought a second XT laptop (XT5000T version) broke from a online seller thinking it would be easier to fix, it wasn't what I thought. I bought a third laptop NC version for my wife broke at $50, again not so easy. Well I contacted Everex just before they left California back to China (Taiwan). Sent in the NC1500 to them and repaired it within a month they put a new motherboard at a cost of $90 so total cost was $165 after shipping. Was just about to send in the XT5000T in when they sent an email saying they are closed. But they were very helpful on infomation, they said the XBT70 motherboard had a problem the North Bridge NF-SPP-100-N-A2, found the part on Ebay for $25. I had a Phoenix company put the part on and boom repaired at a total cost of $125 after shipping. Everex laptops are much easier to fix than most I have seen. You got to be nice or they won't help, Everex customer service even offered to replace the motherboard at a cost of $250, I would have to do the replacement myself but that's a no brainer. I am a current Everex customer and hope they come back and do business here again in the US.

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  • De
      11th of Oct, 2010

    I bought an Everex Stepnote probably in 2005 from walmart. Everything was working just fine for years. Until last night...10/10/10...i was reading a fanfiction online when the stupid piece of crap (yes, i am talking about my everx laptop) and the damn thing started to do something really it's still doing its stupid System Recovery Tool...and is currently stuck at 45%. I will say this though, I am not going to buy another everex, and if I ever do get the damn thing straightened out I'm going to put all of my files onto a USB Flashdrive and transfer all of that to a new laptop..It's so ridiculous. I went and called the tech support number today...and I have to be at school today answer because apparently it's like you all have said, the number has been disconnected...tried the website as well...again same damn problem. I don't know what to do, I probably only spent $500 if not more for my laptop. I do have a recovery disk, which is a good thing, but damnit i wanted some actual tech support help...and i don't want to be of any inconvience to my boyfriend, but if push comes to shove, i may have to send him a text asking him if i can call him sometime tonight. Everex is hiding from all of us disgrunted customers, and if anyone does find them...plz let those [censor] know how many people that they have ripped off and how ticked they are at them for this bullcrap.

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