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I just found out today that a really good friend went to prison. So I decided to set up account to receive phone calls, I attempted to process my order thru the automated system in which it transfer my call to the customer service. I was speaking with this agent and the communication between her and I was awful!! I was not able to understand what she was trying to explain to me her thought were all over the place..Now I informed her that I was going to pay thru credit card (I don't understand the part where if I paid thru credit card that my minimum to pay was $50.00 verses if I would of went to western union I would had the choice of what I wanted to pay now don't see the logic to that beside the fact that in order for me to receive a choice to what I wanted to pay I would have to get up and drive down the street to stand in the line and fill out paperwork!!!That is such an inconvenience on my part!!!I don't understand how that works, it does not make any sense to me. So I'm speaking with the Evercom-Correctional Billing Service agent and I informed her that I would just pay by credit card being I did not to go through the hassel as early mentioned.. So while she attempted to process my order I informed her that to let me jump on the computer to see if I have to transfer money on my account..She informed me that she already process order and was to able to cancel because the "system updated"?? Imagine when I finally log on my account I see that she put in the negative, she stated that in order for me to get my money back that I would have to wait 3 to 5 business day!!!Why should I have to wait 3 to 5 business day when she had jump the gun and process my order after I told her to let me check the status of my account so if I have to transfer money I could do so at that time...So my point is that if I waited the 3 to 5 business day she would of gave me overdraft fees on my account in which would have had to pay...Now my thing is that she works for customer service and that she should have waited for the customer to give her permission to process the order, I did inform her not to process the order until I gave her the okay.. Now after reading the complaints on the so very weary that you will start debiting my account with out my perimisson. I did ask her if the location of my friend accept this service and hopefully she was correct!!! This is not good customer service practice at all.. You also on your site need contact information to where I could get in contact via email with the CEO of this company. I hope this work out well because I would like to support my friend during is time in need and hearing a voice for back home makes what he have to deal with bearable...Is this what your services supposed to provide??? If any one can recommend other services like this I would be happy for any recommendation.. please send responseto [protected] Thank you so very much...


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      Jul 05, 2009

    After about the 20th jail call in 3 days, you'll see you made a dreadful mistake in becoming an inmate's "lifeline" . I hope you don't have a problem with saying no, because many sob stories and plays to your conscience for money orders are in your future.

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      Jul 28, 2009

    Good Grief!! It is no wonder the agent could not understand her - I sure couldn't! I see a number of complaints against Evercom and while some of them might well be valid - one has to keep in mind that the complainers are often of the same ilk as the ones they are trying to receive calls from: criminals. It may be thought by some that that is not a fair statement but I can support that statement with facts. The bottom line is that if your thinking is flawed, such that you typically spend part of your life in jail (and communicating with other people in jail when your not), then you probably will not be happy with anything where you can't get something for nothing (or close to it) let alone a prisoner phone service. I have had experience with Evercom and agree that there is a great deal that can be improved upon there, but a person needs to sound and appear intelligent, educated, reasonable, and understandable if you want to be listened to when lodging a complaint. The complaint must also be valid, not couched from an uninformed and limited perspective - especially one based on whining statements made by the criminal on the other end of the phone line!

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