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Ever PrivateCard Service / Ever Private have stolen my money

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This company took $49.95 out of my bank account i don't know who they are and i am on a fix income. Can someone help me get my refund for the $49.95 i need it to pay my bills.

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  • Sh
      2nd of May, 2007
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    I totally understand this company has done this to me recently. I don't know what to do. Have you been able to get your money back? If so can you tell me how. I can't afford this and need help. I never authorized this to happen.

    Thank you

  • Ru
      17th of May, 2007
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    I am a victim also. They took $49.95 from my account and per the comments on the complaint screen (you cant get an answer at that phone number they give), this company says that I authorized the deduction via one of the many affiliate sites they service and by NOT removing a check mark in some box on some web page, I gave them authorization to deduct the money from my account. It is supposedly for a prepaid credit card, which I have not solicited nor received nor was looking for. I can buy those all day right here in town. I have filed a fraud report with my bank, dont know if I will get the money back or not, but I did close my account out so it does not happen again. Has anyone gotten their money back?

  • Ti
      17th of May, 2007
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    I am so angry with these people. I went to the website they said to go to and send in a complaint and ask for a refund and I still haven't heard anything from them and they keep debiting my account and it has overdrawn my account. I did not give them permission for this debit either. The numbers I have to contact them on is 1-866-379-5984 and 1-514-868-2092 and the web address is
    This is a scam because I would never click on something and give anyone my banking info.

  • Ja
      21st of May, 2007
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    This 49.95 was taking out of bank account and i did not understand why i did not authorized this to come out and i want a refund that is do to me this charged caused me a 29.00 overdraft charge at my bank also and i did not agree to this at all. They are to be the ones to refund that charge that the bank charge me to.

  • Ka
      22nd of May, 2007
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    I can suggest one thing. Contact your bank, and tell them that you have not authorized any charges from this company, and not to pay any requests from them. If it was taken out as a debit, your bank should have the telephone number of the merchant. I don't know how helpful this is, but it happened to me with another vendor, and my bank was instrumental in stopping it.

  • Pe
      22nd of May, 2007
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    I received in my checking account, on two separate occasions two separate checks. On April 19,2007 there were 2 checks for number 9999 in the amount of 29.95. On May 21,2007 there were 2 checks numbered 10001 and 10002 in the amount of 29.95.

    I called Ever Private Card Service customer service department to find out what these withdraws were actually from. They ask if I had used the internet to check into any of specific Windows, I said no. I would like to request a refund for these withdraws.

  • Ka
      29th of May, 2007
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    I don't know what is going on but you are currently being investigated. I have had 49.95 taken from my account, unauthorized, and it will be dealt with. My bank is on it and I have contacted the FBI fraud unit.

  • Mi
      30th of May, 2007
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    This company is an absolute scam. They have taken 54.95 out of my checking account unauthorized and have put me in terrible financial problems. I am at a loss as to where to turn for help as my bank said i need to contact the company but i am unable to get a hold of them.

  • Ca
      30th of May, 2007
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    This co. was unauthorized to take money out of my account. Used ck. #9999 and withdrew 54.95 out. Now i can't get a hold of this co. with the numbers i was given! Can someone help me get my money back that was wrongfully taken! Who can i contact?

  • Js
      5th of Jun, 2007
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    I have no clue of the charge of 54.95 is on mt debit card nobody was authorized to do this i need and i want to know whats going on plus im disabled with m/s and only receive social security benefits please help me with this it was taking out of my bank 5/29/07 it also made me bounce a check an extra thirty dollars it also was check number 9999 and i dont have a check 99999

  • Br
      5th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    Contact the owner at 1-949-388-5530 Jerry Cline website at:

  • Cj
      5th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    I am still waiting on the results and i have over draft in my bank account, for the amount 210.00 and i did fill the papers @ the bank is there anything else i can do. If anyone knows please help me thank so much.

  • Ir
      29th of Sep, 2007
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    I never gave any one permission to debit my account for any reason at all. I to live of social security
    my bank would not credit me my money back they told me to call the company and provide me with a number. I called and got a recording
    said to go to this website for a refund
    all i got was lies and more lies now they will not
    respone to me at all. here there website

    Customer Service and Refund Request Form
    Please note that we provide prepaid Debit cards ( EverPrivateCard Support
    (08/04 09:02 )Hello,
    Your refund has been processed.
    It can take up to 10 days & you will get refund check at your address.
    We hope you will buy our card in future when the need arise. EverPrivateCard Support
    (08/07 09:20) check mailed on 7th, you should receive it around 17th EverPrivateCard Support
    (08/17 07:57 )you should Receive refund in 2-3 days EverPrivateCard Support
    (08/18 08:18 )please reconfirm the mailing address

    Refund ID 47029
    Created 8/4/2007
    Requested By fsb
    Status Refunded
    Check Number 1171
    Check Date 8/6/2007
    Last Updated 8/4/2007
    Payable To IRENE DOTSON

    That was the last i heard from them .Todays the
    Sept ,29.2007 and i get no response from them at all
    Has any one ever recived a refunded from this company?

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