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Ever Private Card


I am a victim of this fraudulent company!

Complaint Rating:  52 % with 25 votes
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I checked my bank statement when i found that people take 49.95 from my account without my permission my bank give to me(1-866-379-5984)and i called, i was given this website (www.quickcards services.com) NO CLUE. I report to my bank THIS IS FRAUD. I WANT MY MONEY my account is negative now please help us.
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N  22nd of Apr, 2007 by    0 Votes
Refund was processed immediately upon my complaint.
D  23rd of Apr, 2007 by    0 Votes
I beg to differ, my refund was processed with in few hours of communication & I got the refund check on 8th day.
N  24th of Apr, 2007 by    0 Votes

EverPrivateCard - Unauthorized withdrawal!
United States

On 4-23-07 this site took 49.95 from my checking acct. About 6 weeks ago, I had identity theft online and this cost me over 1,000.00 in service charges due to the online fraud amounts. were paid and thus caused my checks to be returned legally so I was charged 29.95 per check and 31.00 per ck allowed in TN to the re-deposited cks. I live on less than 400.00 a month, work part-time, no disability yet, MS, lupus ect. Now I check everyday the balance at bank and today I saw the 49.95 charged I called them only to get a recording and then when I finally talked to a human, she hung up on me,the second person was foreign and told me to go to their site and put the ticket # in(I won't get the ticket # for 24 hours) and email them back and a refund would be mailed in 10 working days. I am at my wits end, the man was rude and yelled at me, told me I had to be patient and if they had proof that the order wasn't me they would decide if I got my money. It's a debit card that you load, not even a credit card from what I can make out of the site so I don't even get a product. This is so stressful please someone help me, I'm about to go under and I can't go thru this again.615-216-5992
A  25th of Apr, 2007 by    0 Votes
I just also found out my account is over dawn by ever private card service.
N  26th of Apr, 2007 by    0 Votes

EverPrivateCards - Unauthorized withdrawal!
United States

I do not want their card, but I was informed that they would be taking the money from my account anyway.
N  26th of Apr, 2007 by    0 Votes

Ever Private Card Co. - Checking account was debited without my permission
United States

The ever card co came up with a fake check and debited my checking account 49.95 without my permissions. How can they get away with this? I am very upset they have over drew my account, please tell me what to do about this.
D  29th of Apr, 2007 by    0 Votes
Refunded after exchanging 4 messages. The card redeem email has never come to me. I was refunded through check sent to my mail in USPS. It took 14 days to get the check.
N  30th of Apr, 2007 by    0 Votes

EverPrivateCard - Unauthorized withdrawal!
United States

On 4/24/07 everprivate card withdrwaled $49.95 out of my bank account without my knowledge only then my bank charged me $30.00 nsf fee which has only gotten me 236.00 in the whole my banks helping me with everything they can but what a country cant get on a plane even though im a legal citizen but someone can fraudulently take money from my account make a forged check and everything.
N  6th of May, 2007 by    0 Votes

EverPrivateCard - Unauthorized withdrawal!
United States

They To Charged Me That 49.95. This is what i got out of them. Hello, we advertise on other Web sites that collect your information, present our membership offer and then provide the ability to check YES or NO to join. In order for us to receive your personal information you had to provide permission to pass it on. If you want we can provide the date, the site you were on and even the computer identification (IP address) that you used. It is one time charge for life time usage. It may be mistake or oversight on your part or some one misused your financial details. We have authorization details including the computer number (IP) etc. This is one time charge for life time usage & you will not be charged again. We have already reserved a card for you. It is a virtual card that is redeemed from a link sent to your email.

EverPrivate Card Customer Service

And then i said i dont care, i dont want it, consider the membership terminated or whatever you want but I DO NOT want this card, I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW!!! MAIL ME MY REFUND

Then They Said Hello,

This is one time charge & no action is required from your side if the charge is not actually debited. The card gets canceled automatically if you have not activated it.

For refund,
Please fill the form at

N  9th of May, 2007 by    0 Votes

EverPrivateCard - Unauthorized withdrawal!
United States

I am here to make one point. I have a friend who charged for an unauthorized charge of 49.95 while looking for a payday loan since he disabled and is need of the funds and I have come to find out that this company has numerous complaints about this same instances, which, is more than mere pure coincidence. If the complaints of others on EverPrivateCards is in abduance, then, it follows that the complaints regarding that company are of intentional intentions to scam them, hence, EverPrivateCards is defrauding customers who are in need of a payday loan and is full awareness of their unethical and immoral practices. I will not stop until everyone is returned the money that they have been defrauded of their hard-working dollars where all the complaints are specifically while they were searching for a payday loan as records will indicate, thereby, robbing people who are struggling through their lives just to pay their responsibilities and obligations so they can ensure their survival while be taken advantage of by the EverPrivateCard company.
N  10th of May, 2007 by    0 Votes

EverPrivateCard - Unauthorized withdrawal!
United States

I did a pay day loan app online Monday, 5-7-07 to United Cash loans. I know when it comes to websites like this you have to read everything, including clicking on the tabs to see the terms of the policy. I did all of this. Well, this morning, checking my account online I notice the 49.95 charge from this company. I did not see anything when filling out any loan app online from this company. I called the # that was printed on the check they fraudulently sent to the bank, the # just gave an answering system. I then did research and came across this website. I was like omg. I did call the # for the guy that owns this bogus company that is doing this wrongful mess. I got it off of one of the threads on this website. The # was actually the jerry guy. He asked me how I got that # and I told him I did alot of research and I got it the same way he got me 49.95... He then told me to email him my address and he will send me a papercheck for the refund. I asked him if the check was bogus as well and explained to him that I have already spoke with FTC and also better business bureau, my attorney, CA Attorney General as well and informed them of the matter. He assured me the check would be drawn on a real bank... I will see. But the # is 949-388-5530 and the guy name is Jerry, he owns that crap. Good think I have a good bank that reversed the charges but I still had to end up paying 15.00 for stop payment and reading most of the post, I am going to have to close my acct and open a new one due they go under another name and hit your acct. again for more money. Please everyone read this and contact the consumer identity theft line or website. The more that complain, it will put a stop to these people taking innocent, hard working people $$$.
A  15th of May, 2007 by    0 Votes
This company also took $49.95 out of my checking account, using a fraudulent check numbered 9999. I, thankfully have a very understanding and wonderful bank who advised me on what to do. I filed both fraud and forgery charges against this company, and the bank stopped payment on the check and sent it back. However, I have had to close out my checking account and re-open a new one. I have also contacted both the Attorney General in my state as well as the Attorney General in California, regarding their unethical and fraudulent practices. I would like to send an email to this company and let them know exactly what it is that I think of them, so if anyone has the email address please let me know. Good Luck to all of you, and lets put these people out of business and stop them from taking our hard earned money.
N  16th of May, 2007 by    0 Votes

EverPrivateCard - Unauthorized withdrawal!
United States

I don't even know who this company is! All i know is that they took 49.95 out out of my account without my permission!!! I have occurred an overdraft fee plus this bogus fee that they took!!! I want my money back and i want them to be prosecuted for STEALING!!!
N  17th of May, 2007 by    0 Votes

EverPrivateCard - Unauthorized withdrawal!
United States

I opened a new checking account on Monday of this week. I received a notification from my bank notifying me my account fell below a certain amount. I check my account online and was absolutely shocked a debit had taken place which caused my new account to become overdrawn. . I called the bank immediately to let them know I did not authorize any transactions on the account. I was informed that a company EverCard debited the account in fact they are under investigation. Mind you this is a new account that I have not received a debit card or account disclosures yet; so how did they receive my info? I did not disclose my account numbers to this bogus business. That fact that I just opened the account and fraudulent transactions have taken place is terrible. Who is this company and what should I do to recuperate my funds. I know I speak for everyone when I saw we work to hard for our money for it to be taken by a scammer. And I will proceed to file further complaints $0.04 or $49.95 it’s money that we work for.

Tameka Lyles-Hughes
A  17th of May, 2007 by    0 Votes
I have been getting the same emails. Still waiting for them to respond with my refund.
N  21st of May, 2007 by    0 Votes

EverPrivateCard - Unauthorized withdrawal!
United States

I am sorry to inform anyone of this. But if you are waiting for a check from everprivatecard of the false check they sent to your checking account, you may want to just forget about it. I to fell a victim to this company scam and managed to get the phone # to the head guy of this company. He sent me a check and also put a stop payment on the same check he sent me. Which I now have to pay my bank the 49.95. But rest assured my justice will prevail. If it takes me how ever long it takes me, I will get some kind of justice and answers. Just is just a lesson taught to me about putting my info out there for it to be taken. I just wanted to let people know of this.
A  21st of May, 2007 by    0 Votes
I looked at my online banking site today and saw an electronic check written on my account for $49.95. Memo at the bottom says 1095190. I have no idea what this charge is for.
A  21st of May, 2007 by    0 Votes
Unauthorized electronic check was taken from my account from everprivatecard in the amount of 49.95 how do these people sleep?!
A  21st of May, 2007 by    0 Votes
I did not authorized Ever Private to take 49.95 out of my checking account. I would like these funds put back into my account.

Thank You,
Dory Deval.
N  22nd of May, 2007 by    0 Votes

TvAddicts.tv - Unauthorized withdrawal!

Not sure of the business location except that it is in the US somewhere (I think Miami but not sure). I ordered the complete set of Little House on the Prairie DVD’s (all region) in November 2006 and was dissatisfied with the product. The DVD’s kept “pausing” in throughout the episodes. I sent an email to the company on 08/12/06 and was promised a replacement set of DVD’s. Since then I have made numerous queries with them only to be told they are currently out of stock. (As I suspect the DVD’s they sent me are pirate copies of the originals, I find this very hard to believe). The DVD’s are obviously not original products as the packaging and labeling on the DVD’s is very simple and not at all professional. They continue to promise me a replacement set of DVD’s but it is now 6 months since I received the original set and am no closer to a resolution. I have tried to use their online chat system and they have now elected to terminate the chat before I can discuss this issue any further.

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