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Phone: 888-869-2674

Mon. April 5, 2010: 4:59 PM: Placed an online order for a sample of Ever Brite Whites tooth whitener. I understood that I had 10 day trial and would be charged $3.87 for shipping. The following is the website I used:

This is the email confirmation I received:

Your Order Is Complete‏
From: [protected]

Sent: Mon 4/05/10 4:59 PM
To: ----------------------
Important Delivery Information
Dear --------------,
We are pleased to inform you that your order # 1182966 has been placed!
If you have any questions regarding your order, call us at:
Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm EST
Order Summary
Order Number: 1182966
Ever Brite Whites - $0.00
Fulfillment - $3.87

Wed.: April 7, 2010: received the following charges on my cc: $.12 & $3.87

Sun. April 14, 2010: 10:09 PM: dialed [protected] & [protected]: Was told to call back during business hours, Monday-Friday Eastern Time 9 AM-7 PM. I looked for an email address to respond and found none. I tried sending a reply to the email they sent me and got the following message:
Delivery Status Notification (Failure)‏
From: [protected]

Sent: Wed 4/14/10 8:37 PM
To: ---------------------------

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.
Delivery to the following recipients failed.
From: ----------------------
To: [protected]
Subject: cancel membership
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 20:35:02
please cancel any membership. i never received the product. your 800 does not work. thank you, --------------

Thurs. April 15, 2010: 10.51 AM: dialed [protected]: Left on hold for over 5 minutes and had to hang up.

Thurs. April 15, 2010: 12:15 PM: dialed [protected]: 16m conversation with customer representative. Male. Explained that I wanted to cancel any membership or future charges, as I had not received the product yet to start trial. Several times during the call I had to ask him to repeat himself as I could not hear him. My understanding was the account was canceled and no further charges would be incurred. I was told I would receive an email within 3 days to confirm cancelation. I have not received it yet. They did not explain what the additional $.12 charge was for.

Fri. April 16, 2010: Later that day I was checking my banking online and saw charges for $87.47, and $2.62.
It was after 7 PM so I could not pursue this until Monday.

Mon. April 19, 2010: Checking online banking found charges for $40. Spoke with Lola, [protected] for direct contact. She told me they received my card information from an affiliated company for tooth whitening, and that they would refund my $40 within 3-5 business days. This online company was called DAT WEALTH, which I never signed up for or was notified the trial for tooth whitening would give out my cc information.

Mon. April 19, 2010: 6:53 PM: dialed [protected]: spoke with customer service rep. female. I was told that my trial begin on April 5, 2010 and ended 10 days later on April 14. Because I did not call to cancel my charges before the 14th, they charged me for product that was shipped from April 5-April 14th. She refused to refund the charges of $.12, $3.87, $2.62, and $87.47 or acknowledge any affiliated company or giving out my cc information. She hung up on me saying she needed to help other customers.

Mon. April 19, 2010: Canceled cc. Product arrived. Filed complaint.

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  • Te
      9th of Apr, 2010
    Ever Brite Whites - did not order the product
    Ever Brite Whites
    Box 229000
    United States
    Phone: 877 -666-0531

    I ordered a trail version of this product. (3/29)I was supposed to have 10 days to try the product. Two days after I received the trial package, I noticed a charge for $87.47 (4/7). I called them to ask why there was this charge. They told me I had ordered the product. I told them I didn't order it, that I just received the trial package and I had 10 days to test it. They told me the 10 days trial periord started when I ORDERED the product. I said how can someone test a product if they don't have it. Regardless, I did NOT order the product and I wanted a refund. They only agreed to refund me $20. I told them that was unacceptable. First of all, I don't even have the product, (which I will return refused). How can they tell me there are NO refunds. I have the right to return an unopened product that I didn't even order in the first place.

    I can't attach anything because they won't answer my e-mails.

    I want the full amount put back on my debit card. This is a scam deal. I was looking for their web site when I came across other complaints for the same reason.

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  • Jo
      16th of Apr, 2010
    Ever Brite Whites - unorthorised payments
    Ever Brite Whites
    United States

    I ordered a free trial of Dazzling White Pro system and was sent i set of whitening but was charged on 3 separate occations various amounts around £56.00, my bank is still trying to trace them . They still have my details and I am very worried this will not stop unless I change all my account details.

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  • Ka
      16th of Apr, 2010

    The same thing happened to me. I did not wait. I changed my card but my account info remains the same. No one can use the card again. I was refunded two of three transactions and it was like pulling teeth to get the third. It all comes down to; after I was told to send it back for a "full" refund, they will only refund half of my $87.47us, and the bank will replace the rest. I have all of my phone calls to them documented and you know what they said to me? Tell her I'm sorry I misinformed her. I was fuming and I still am.


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  • Bo
      19th of Apr, 2010

    Same thing here. I have filed a complaint with my Atty General and contested the charge with my credit card co. I received an e-mail conformation for different product and then received yet another product with no identifiers on pkging. (Mfg or Distributor, etc) Was told "They're all the same." I'm not putting that it my mouth!! I was told I could return it for a 45% restocking fee. Then I received a second charge for $87.47 but no product.

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  • Mi
      20th of Apr, 2010

    I agree, and the same thing happenend to me today is the 15 business day that the money is to be on my card, I spoke with a "so called supervisor" Amber Johnson on 3.31.10 she said the money would be there in 10 -15 bus days, well that will be tomorrow. So i called to check the status and im getting the run around the non english speaking girl Nancy keept inturrupting me as i was telling her my info: how stupid are they? Well Im not playing games ive got my uncle who was police officer for 16 years and has been a detective for 8 years on the case, Im an office manager of a big company and the BetterBusinessBureau is on my agenda tomorrow, as well as filing charges for theft, mis repensentation, and whatever else my uncle can think of, I love to travel as well so once I get their location and all the evidence I need my uncle the cop/Detective and his friend the lawyer will be taking vacation time to Visit with a judge in their area. I will not tolerate this, they are dealing with someone who thinks colonial times crime and punishment should come back into action. I will not stop!!!
    I dont care if it was $1.00 if I dont knowingly give it away yhen it is theft!!!

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  • Ne
      14th of May, 2010

    STAY AWAY...!!!
    This website is a fraud!!! Ordered the free trial online, and my card was debited $3 and some change for shipping. This was on 4/12/10. On 4/17/10 they inturn debited my credit card another $87.90, I noticed this and called and complained, was told it takes 10-15days (5/14/10) to to get my $ back. The date would be on 5/14/10 that my funds should be returned. I just spoke to them again, and yet my $ is still not there. This company is a BAD COMPANY, FRAUD...DON NOT ORDER IF YOU DO NOT WANT A HEADACHE...I RATHER HAVE A TOOTH

    Spoke to

    Carla Linn,
    Jenny Martines,
    Mary Morgan,

    They are located, in Hollywood Florida
    N. 29th Avenue...
    This is what the suervisor said lady #1...this could also be a lie.

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  • Mb
      20th of May, 2010
    Ever Brite Whites - Fraud
    Ever Brite Whites
    398 E. Dania Beach
    Dania Beach
    United States
    Phone: 1-888-869-2674

    I too tried to order from this company and received absolutely nothing from them., It was a trial tooth whitner, and a 14 day trial, for $3.87. I immediately cancelled it, and called my credit card company and cancelled it there too, but it hadn't been added on my credit card as of yet. so they were aware of what was going on. Now I received a letter from a Collections agency claiming I owe them $139.95, told them I never received any product and that I didn't owe them anything anyways, then tried to call and make sure it is cancelled, they sent me an e-mail, but I filled it out exactly like it should be, but it won't go through because it won't take the password they gave me to use, this is the biggest fraud I have seen so far. I'm turning it over to my lawyer.

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  • Wi
      20th of May, 2010

    i order ur brite white product and didnt received i thought that u didnt get my order, but on may12th i receivied a letter from the collections department stateding that i owned them 137.47 u never send me a letter informing me about me owning u anything, how is it that the collection department got the letter before me? especially when i didnt receive any product from you, sowill you please streight this out. with all honesty i didnt receive any product from you. willie adams [protected]

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  • Ji
      2nd of Jun, 2010
    Ever Brite Whites - Trying to steel my money
    Ever Brite Whites
    United States

    I'm trying to get there phone # cause they sent me to collections for 139.95 and i did not get this ever brite whites and don't even no what it is. i have a po box and I'm the only one with a key so i no i never got this crap from brite white so please help me i need there # so i cant call ans fix this e-mail [protected] thank u much lucky enough that my visa they tried getting my money from was declined but now they sent me to collections and its very much p.s cause i never have gotten this trial offer

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  • To
      5th of Jun, 2010
    Ever Brite Whites - falsely billed
    MLN Ever Brite Whites
    United States

    I spoke with a woman over the phone at their office. I told her I wanted a refund for the money they took off my credit card. She agreed to refund the last charge. However, she told me the first time charge of $87.47 she was going to keep. Her reason was that refunds were non-negototiable. Even so, I still think I will file a dispute with my credit card reps. to get the whole amount back. I will flipout If this bill re-occurs. I just want this ### over with... Period.

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  • To
      5th of Jun, 2010

    their ph# is 877-666-0531

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