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The whole building was dirty and dengie. The service was unprofessional and rude. The bathrooms where dirty and out dated carpets where a disgrace. With all the money that is generated in that place someone needs to invest back in the business. They ran out of food leaving some customers without food during the dinner. The play was below average, the costumes where falling off the actors in most of the play. False advertisement with Orchestra Seating. There was no orchestra, if you call one keyboard and a couple of singers an orchestra then so be it. My Father Day was terrible and Evelyn Graves Drama Production left me busted and discussed after buying four tickets Never again!

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      Nov 02, 2010

    I am disgusted at what you said about the production. Evelyn Graves productions are students learning to be professional actors. They save money by not renting facilites but using her church or the school to hold plays. The Customes were made for specific actors but those actors are now on to other things and is now in movies. Dr. Graves is wonderful in teaching her production company to act professional it is just that one few bad apples spoil the rest. If you were expectaning such a grand fathers day at a play then you should of went to a Tyler Perry play or to some broadway production and left her alone. No one from the school or production company asked you to come. Do not put my alamata down they have issues but people like you should support students. They are not out there killing, selling drugs, or even doing things that your children probably doing. Plus as a CHRISTIAN should we be supportive.

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