Eve Toppvery poor and rude service by canadian tire staff

E Nov 23, 2017

On Nov.11th at 4:45pm my husband & I went to shop at Canadian Tire on The Queensway West. This is the closest location to our home. I have had problems in the past but did not lodge a complaint as I was told it would be pointless. We had friends who worked at the store and I would have gone to them for assistance but both are off for different reasons.
We went to the store to purchase thermal long johns for my very seriously injured son. My son broke his back at summer camp 4 years ago and is now in a wheelchair--for eternity. He lives at home as this is my obligation to a son. I had little luck getting info from your staff as to which aisle I must go to see if you have anything suitable.
I went to aisle 37 and there were several bins of underwear and socks. I located 2 pairs of longjohns in a bin marked "clearance". The price on the bin was $13.44. I took these to the cashier. The items rang in at $16.99. I told the cashier this is wrong. She called a supervisor who came to the cashier and checked a computer to advise me that these were not a clearance item. That someone must have moved the bins and items around. As I have tremendous expenses looking after my son even to save $3.00 is a good thing. Obviously I refused to purchase these items. The supervisor was rather cocky and arrogant. She was not easy to deal with. I told her my son sits in a wheelchair and I was buying the attire to try to keep him warm. He does not move much. Your store is the first store who was so ignorant with trying to accommodate a customer. The supervisor said the price is $16.99 and if I didn't like this than I didn't have to buy the items. And I didn't.
I went home and the next day called Canadian Tire and spoke to a manager called Jackie Timbin (this could be the wrong spelling as the person on the phone did not know Jackie's last name).
I went over the situation. Jackie did walk down aisle 37 to the bins. She said there was no "clearance" marked on the bins. If we saw this then someone changed the bins around. I tried to reason with Jackie as we felt the clearance price should be honoured. I told her Walmart, Saks, Home Sense would stick to the clearance price as a gesture of good client services. They would also do this to be kind to a seriously injured young boy. It is a nice way to handle something so little. Jackie also did not feel any other store would budge from the actual price. Little does she know how many managers have done the right thing and sold an item for a clearance price. Her tone of voice. Her nasty words to a parent already going through hell was not appreciated.
I told Jackie I would go to Walmart and see if they have any long johns in stock. They did at a cost slightly higher than the price at Canadian Tire. The item also looked sturdier and better quality than what Canadian Tire had in stock. Jackie suggested I go to Walmart if I so chose.

I told my husband I will no longer shop at Canadian Tire. There are other stores with as much merchandise as your store and some of better quality.

I own a business and provided limo's at no cost to Can.Tire for an event in Milton for your charity, Jumpstreet. I received a fabulous letter from your CEO about our great gesture and how we handled a serious situation that occurred at the event. Hard to believe this has anything to do with Canadian Tire. We sent limos to pick up athletes at the airport to drive them to the golf course. We paid the limo service and did not ask for any money from Canadian Tire. We did what was the right thing to do.

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