Evcigarettes.comPrivacy concern for orders originating outside the US

When ordering from outside the US, the purchase goes through,
but will be cancelled soon after.

They will claim that the customer's IP originated from Jacksonville, Fl. US.
which is complete nonsense as you are ordering from outside the US to begin with -
that IP is probably their own host since the company resides in Jacksonville.

To complete the order, the customer must provide very sensitive information,
and send the following documents:

* Current passport, government or state issued Driver's License or photo ID

* The credit card used to pay for the order

* A separate photo of yourself (selfie) holding your photo ID next to your face.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Jacksonville, FL

This is a lot to ask for a small purchase of e-juice from outside the US,
and their claim that the customer's IP originates from Jacksonville is complete nonsense.
Evcigarettes has no right nor reason to collect this information, regardless of what they say,
a company that sells vaping products shouldn't collect private information from European customers
for any reason whatsoever.

It reminds me of the mobile app called "flashlight" - all it is supposed to do is
turn your screen white to brighten it, however, while running in the background it also
records your microphone and camera and sends that data to their servers.
This company shares some similarities with that flashlight.

  • Updated by AnEverydayJoe, Jan 13, 2017

    Please remove or mark this complaint as resolved.

    During checkout I misplaced two letters in the cardholder's name,
    rather than writing "John Smith", I wrote "John Simth" which is obviously my own fault.

    I still find it silly that the company asks of very sensitive information to complete the order instead of letting me re-ordering,
    but that is what they do if their system detects disparities in the data provided.
    I also think it's ridiculous that they claim my IP originates from Jacksonville, which is clearly an error on their end.

    I was left with the impression that the company asks for sensitive information for no good reason.
    They could have been more clear on their reasoning, and also, to not claim that my IP originates
    from Jacksonville and use that as a reason for collecting sensitive information.

    That being said, it was my fault for misplacing two letters in the cardholder's name,
    and I'd like this complaint to be removed as it is inaccurate, knowing what I know now.

Jan 13, 2017

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