Evangelist Capitaltotal scam

Evangelist Capital is a company that should be avoided like the plague.
And their website is a good example of how projects like this shouldn't be done.
Especially, if you see promises like theirs.
Let us get all this straightened out.
1. "Fast Funding - 1k - 2 million". Really? So much? Tell me how real is that? Sounds like a total scam.
2. "24/7 Support", but provided just an email. That's kind of strange.
3. "Quick Renewals (0-1 business days)". Do I have to explain?
4. "UpTime Guarantee. We're here to help your business" How? What guarantees are they talking about?
5. "Referral. Get paid to refer merchants". If you see a word "referral" just know that it's always a scam
6. "Fund & Play. Enjoy the luxury of the quick process". Beautiful words, a lot of promises, but makes no sense.
Don't be silly and don't fall for that. It's clearly seen they are scammers.

Nov 26, 2018

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