Europcar / repeatedly not responding to complaint

Czech Republic

I hired a rental car from at Prague Airport in October 2012. It was stolen outside my house in Brno (address I had used at time of hire) one day later. I reported the theft to the police and Europcar and picked a 'replacement' car up. The local rep was very understanding and helpful. In fact he told me that mine was the 11th Europcar vehicle to be stolen that year in Brno!
As I had left the documents in the car Europcar charged me EUR 2, 500.
Even though I had full insurance the goods I had in the car (luggage and golf clubs) can't be claimed against the full insurance that is me out another EUR 2, 500. Total outlay of EUR 5, 000 PLUS the cost of the rental car.
I tried to complain about this with customer service at but they would not give me a satisfactory explanation or treat it as an official complaint. What really blew my fuse was when they blocked my e-mail address. I took my complaint to and at least they got to respond - again not addressing my concerns. Since that response in January I have tried to have further dialogue but no response. Even have stopped responding. Do they expect that I will just go away and leave them with EUR 5, 000? No way. Is there an ombudsman that I can take my case to? Or other legal means where I can take this further?

Apr 01, 2013

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