Euro Packers and MoversMy lost goods, worst service and damaged goods

I took euro movers and packers kolkata service from kolkata to move to hyderabad.

First time I went out of renowned lokes of agarwal to try. Must say a big big mistake.

First of all they do not have proper packing materials. For example, they wrapped my 42 inch lcd tv with one of my own bumpers and then just wrapped a thin piece board - that's it!They dont have any hard containers for cutlerires.

The most important part is, they dont have any professional or even near professional conduct. At the time of packing they did not note any item or group them properly. Neither did they note them.

Worst is the delivery part of it. The day when they were to deliver, they called me andasked for the entire amount before even unloading. It took me atleast an hour or two to get them unload. Then they simply dumped items in my flat. Till this point there was no manager to tally items received to items sent! So I started doing it and found atkeast two items missing - one suitcase containing my coats and my water purifier! I called the contacts I had but they still insisted me to pay - can u believe it.
They soon started unpacking and then I found my leather sofa around 50 k, damaged severely with chuncks coming out of it, my kids cycle damaged! They even were so non challant that at one point I felt really helpless. My hard earned goods went off like devaluated ####s.
They even could not fit my beds and were too naive and unprofessional beyond words.

At last they asked for the complete money which I dint pay and asked them to return my goods before I pay. They took my sofa and kids cycle saying it will be repaired. Till today I am calling them without anyone picking up.

I wrote in fb wallwhich they deleted. However my review is still there.

Ppl I talked sanjay sharma, sunil mishra etc from euro movers and packers.

Please help me get my goods : (

Jan 22, 2017

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