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1 227 Sandy Springs Place, Suite D236, Atlanta, GA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 718-971- 6270

Owner Mr. Urs Bert von Swart and Mrs Katherine Lin, is a blind Trust with billion of dollars behind themself in Hongkong- China.

Investment funding offer : US $ 45.000.000, 00

Proof of Funds - not possible

Trust Address : Staedtle 7, Liechtenstein FL-94 is wrong and was not vaild

Personal IDs of the Chairman of the Trust : not possible and maybe wrong

Up front payments like travel costs for Trust Members about the amount of US $ 27.000, 00 (welcome for so much poor people they must have free food too) to the account of unknown Company with the name of American & International Services account by the Sun Trust Bank Atalanta/GA.

Greetings Robin Hood

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  • Lu
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    Since I'd been a member of last year I'd been receiving an approval email from Katherine Lin of EuroAsiaCapital informing me that our project has been reviewed and accepted for funding eventhough I never send them any project proposal and worst they are inviting me to meet with them at a hotel lobby in Manila and not in their office which I now suspect they don't have any office in the Philippines as they claimed. My request for her to provide their office address was turned down. Why?

  • Re
      5th of Nov, 2008
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    I have had several correspondances with this group- including referals on deals sent to my office. They continue to operate in the dark, will not give me direct correspondance or contact info, and I believe are out for a scam!!!

    Their initial contact is Dennis Alexander or Anthony Livingston-neither I believe are for real- although they have not required any upfront fees.

    Letters are boiler plate expousing there interest- and acceptence of proposals without any due-dilligence!!
    LOL stay away from these guys- don't even have a fax machine!

  • Ka
      6th of Nov, 2008
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    Of cource we have offices and fax machines.
    Thank you,
    Katherine Li.

  • De
      6th of Nov, 2008
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    We would like to be sure you fully understand. The Investment Trust does not charge upfront fees such as: presentation fees, closing fees, interest fees, points, broker fees, agent fees or application fees.
    The Investment Trust is a private venture capital investment group that infuses money into projects and companies in exchange for equity (stock ownership) in those companies or projects.
    With regards,
    Dennis Alexander

  • Ja
      6th of Nov, 2008
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    If a company is willing to fund your project and does not ask for any fees... and you are asking for millions of dollars from them based on your words and business plan ...what would it hurt to just meet and talk with them? And don't all companies have their own procedures? So does Euro Asia Pacific...

  • Ja
      7th of Nov, 2008
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    Robert "Bob" Oberndort (President of Reovest Financial) is an angry broker worried about his commission and not concerned about the client. He wanted to go around the procedure of the Trust to fit his own greed. He stated that he has been in this business for many many years and knows how things are suppose to work. Well his way maybe the reason the banks in our country are in so much trouble now. Mr Bob get with the new programs that will cut out you greedy middlemen and red tape pushers and actually help people get the funding they need. Did you notice that Tuesday America voted for "change" ? WAKE UP!!!

    You yourself can be found on the internet crying about loosing 30% on YOUR recommended investments, and you are trying to advise people on what to invest in and we all know how that has turned out..That is the TRUE SCAM!!! Take people's hard earned money and then say " well thats the market"
    If you think something is a scam why would you try to get on board with that company and was rejected? Now you are mad... Is this real enough for your "due-diligence"? Do you have spell check?
    It's diligence not DILLIGENCE

  • Re
      10th of Nov, 2008
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    To all of the above respondants...Once deals have been preliminarily screened, it is a usual course of action to seek additional financial information for further review. Usually, when further interest is warranted, additional financial statements are required and needed to further explore the level of intent. If a party responds, it is an appropriate and polite course of business practise to be transparent and forthcoming with the utmost professionalism;
    this I and my client have been from the get go.

    I found neither to be apparent with Euro Asia.

    1. Referral contact information was a dead-end (Mr. Brian Olsen included).
    2. Principals-Katherine Li, never personaly responded to my e-mails which included requested financial information.
    3.Mr. Livingston was less than curtious when failing to call my client at appropriate scheduled times.

    4. It is amazing that a "principal" would respond to my complaints on a web page, instead of contacting me directly as requested on numerous occasions ...prior to my post on this site.

    5. I signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Trust's USA associate - Dennis Alexander- so there is no back-room dealings here.

    My intent was and is to secure equitable funding for a very solid company. Getting on a plane to Manilla or Atlanta without having resonable communications first is a bit absurd. You have to break bread first in order to apply the butter.

    If I am wrong in my evaluation of this outfit, it is only because of their most unusual way of conducting business, poor communication, referrals that don't respond, and lack of transparency once NDA's are completed. Code of ethics are questionable to say the least! me otherwise- PAT requires a better interest and follow-through. You guys could be winners too!


    President, Reovest Financial

  • El
      10th of Nov, 2008
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    I read these for fun - Seems to me, and the casual eye, that both Dennis Alexander and Katerine Li (Euro Asia Pacific personnel ) are the same "possum posters" -they're replies are identical! Now isn't that original...

  • An
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    There is an entire site devoted to the Euro Asia Pacific Investment Trust:

    All of the people associated with it have been exposed before under various names as running advance-fee frauds. Even the letter of recommendation quoted in this site from Brian Olson is quoted virtually word-for-word on the site, except that here it's longer with an additional assertion that Mr. Olsen holds "several degrees and PhD.s from the best and top USA and Canadian Establishments."

    When the company relating their saga with Euro Asia Pacific started dealing with them, there was apparently no information on he Web about that name or any of their people. (There is ample material today, so I would expect them to be switching their names again very soon.)

    All potential victims should be warned.

    Anne Malcovitz

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