Euro 3 wheel 150cc scooter / False Advertising

1 6795 Corporation Parkway #200, Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 817-717-7000

The day after I paid for my 2008 Euro 3 wheel 150cc scooter, Doug raised the price for my model scooter $200 more and now I felt they did everything possible to stall, delay and push beyond the 14 business days for delivery, telling me its coming and then never call me and only email me after I ask what is happening after another broken promise. It look very suspicious to me that refused to send methe scooter i paid for so that they wont have to fulfill their advertised guarantee of the original price.

ATVdiscounter.comis bad and dishonest companies who is trying to take advantage of customers by advertising one thing and then not fulfilling their promise but try to get more money for it after it is sold.


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