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ethics / whistle blower

1 Mentor, OH, United States

The most harmful things the bullies in this particular pharmacy did were to attempt to demean, intimidate, humiliate, accuse and provoke me on a regular basis. Most recently a manager began and continued harassing me until the point she had disengaged me from production. While now in a discussion with a counter between us, she leaned across the counter and thrust her hand toward my face. I naturally reacted by abruptly moving her hand from coming any closer in which case she would have made contact. She threw me out and I was suspended until further notice by phone 2 days later. The manager accused me of assault in the incident, which was verbally discounted by the union representative. The incident took place on video surveillance, which, ironically, turned up missing! How fortunate for the manager and CVS.
I have been emotionally and financially devastated. The union did very little to protect me but to negotiate reinstatement with a transfer to another location further from my home where I have least seniority where there are only approximately 28 hours available and they are trying to "cut someone loose". They further require me to sign an incriminating employer release that I agree to the decision and findings (whatever those were). I am denied unemployment, earned vacation and sick pay. The employees at that location had until 9/8/08 been telling patients and others that I was fired for hitting the manager in the face. As I was told by a concerned patient who contacted me at my home. Much of the bullying and certainly this incident in this stems, in my opinion, from my bringing the matter of insurance fraud to the pharmacist and the manager - as well as co-worker abuse including the two of them which is all in direct conflict with the CVS code of ethics. Additionally, in the past I had expressed my concerns and opinion of allowing a five year old, the son of an employed technician into the pharmacy counting and filling medication (which 2 employees quit because of) that was later dispensed as well as medication errors and poor treatment of patients by my co-workers for no apparent reason. All swept under the rug by management and union. In fact, during a recent phone conversation with the district pharmacy supervisor I was told, "it's not that you reported the fraud - but rather how you said it"
I have not been able to sleep since the incident and have been physically and emotionally ill. I have or will have lost all medical benefits and as of today... I still hold employee status. They are getting away with it and have for more than one year, and the union enables them to do so.

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