Eternity Cabinets / Incomplete Services Rendered

1 17000 Alico Commerce Court #108 Ft. Myers, FL, Fort Myers, FL, United States
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Phone: 2394827172

I contracted with Mr. Attila Puska for a cabinet to be made in my house in Naples. The contract price was $5190. Before the job was completed, he asked me to send him the balance of the moneys owed. What was still not completed was the installation of the door handles. I sent the money and paid in full. Now, five months later the hardware has still not been installed. In addition, in October, one of the workers came to my house to pick up two cabinet doors. At my request I asked that these doors be finished in speaker cloth vs. wood. It has now been 3 months and these doors have not been returned. I have been unable to get a reply to my phone calls and emails. I now am looking at a cabinet with two 'holes' where the doors are supposed to be and no hardware on the other 4 doors. I want to get this matter resolved.

Jan 21, 2015

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