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Esurance / They screwed me

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In an effort to simplify our lives and save a few bucks, my wife switched our vehicle insurance to eSurance in May 2008. I was skeptical-I like to be able to visit an agent in-person if need be-but everything seemed okay at first. Several months later, I was involved in a motorcycle accident. It was the first accident I had ever had, and I'm 45 yrs old. I suffered no injuries, and the damage to the bike was minimal. In fact, under MN state law, this was not even a reportable accident. As it was an old bike I had elected to hold only liability coverage, so no claim was made.

However, the police did come to the scene, ask for proof of insurance, etc - and I gave them my eSurance policy number. This is standard practice, and it appears they wrote a report and submitted it to the state despite the fact that its circumstances did not meet the statutory threshold for reporting. Several months later, I received a letter from the state advising that they had contacted eSurance to verify that I had coverage, and that eSurance had DEINED that I had coverage at the time of the accident. Subsequently, my license to drive was being suspended and the license plates on my bike were revoked and had to be surrendered.

I contacted the state immediately, and told them my story, and faxed them documents that I had, including the binder & credit card records of payments that proved I had paid the amount specified for that coverage. They were satisfied, and said they were familiar with problems of this sort with eSurance. They saw I had a perfect driving record, would have no trouble getting insured, and who in the world drives a motorcycle without insurance to save $60 a year? They said if I secured coverage elsewhere and gave them proof of having done so, they would correct my record.

Now here’s the rub: eSurance DOES NOT insure motorcycles! Yes, that’s right. They ACT like they do, and will SELL motorcycle insurance to you, but the company that underwrites the policy is NOT eSurance. So does eSurance tell you that at the time you give them money for your motorcycle insurance policy? No, they don't. Incidentally, they made a notation on my auto insurance with a code number which seemed to correspond to my purchase of motorcycle coverage, but looking at my insurance documents and cab card, motorcycle coverage is not specified. However, the difference between what I paid for my car and the total bill equals what I paid for motorcycle coverage.

So, when they were asked to verify motorcycle insurance was in effect, did they tell them that they had sold me a policy from another company - or refer them to that company to verify it was in force? No, they simply denied me.

Incidentally, I cancelled my coverage with eSurance immediately after securing coverage with GEICO - and I actually saved a lot of money switching to them. Two weeks later, I received a letter from eSurance advising me that THEY were canceling my coverage because I HAD A REPORTABLE ACCIDENT & HAD NOT REPORTED IT TO THEM, AND HAD FALSELY claimed to have my motorcycle insured by them. Someone want to tell me why I would have to report an accident to them if I DIDN'T have a policy with them in the first place?

Esurance is an absurd company, seems to cater to those with difficulty getting insurance coverage, and either intentionally obtuse or is just clueless. In any case, I do NOT recommend you ever purchase coverage thru eSurance - and caution anyone who must deal with them or their insured persons related to a claim.

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  • Ki
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    ### esurance. my girlfriend had her honda del sol stolen. she was notified by an impound yard 10 months later that it was up for auction. esurance knew it was there when they were notified by the impound yard, because the insurace papers were in the glove box, but they never told my girlfriend it was there. when we went to look at the car the tire was blown out, it was wrecked and the engine was knocking and it was pouring out black smoke out of the tailpipe. she had full coverage on the automobile. she was denied a rental car by esurance. and they offered her $600 and the car back or if esurance kept the car she would get $2800. there was way more than $600 in damage, especially in the engine not even counting the body work. my girlfriend agreed on the $2800. so my girlfriend had to sign the title over to them and they wanted a power of attorney over my girlfriend, for what??? she gave them the title and they cut her out a check for $250. saying that's all they said they would pay. 4 different people were there and witnessed the ### say $2800. esurance denied that conversation ever took place. $250 for a $5000 car with full coverage. i hope they all rot in hell

  • Ja
      6th of Apr, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I just paid the down payment for my new policy 6 days ago. I get a email saying that I owe them a remaining balance of $26.00 dollars from the last policy, which is a policy that was paid in full. They tell me that they will cancel my new policy if I don't pay them the $26.00 balance. I ask them what am I being charged for, and they say "a bounced check. You'll have to call your bank" I say "I've never used a check in my life, Ma'am -what am I being charged for? and why should I call my bank and ask them for a reason why esurance is charging me for a check I never used. That doesn't make any sense Ma'am"
    "hold on let me see..." she types on her computer "your being charged for a policy change" she says; changing her excuse.
    "I'm sorry but... what policy change? I haven't changed my policy. Could you please explain it to me, what I'm being charged for" I ask.
    "hold on, let me get my supervisor" she says.
    the supervisor gets on the phone and says "you're being charged for 8 days out of your last policy. By law, we can do that" (a policy that was paid in full)
    "why?" I ask.
    "because you changed your policy"
    "If didn't return to this company, you wouldn't be able to charge me for a service that was paid in full, no... you waited until I started a new policy with you to screw me by law you say. You still haven't told me why I'm being charged, and you keep changing your excuses as to why you're charging me $26.00, I'm confused and angry because you're threatening to cancel my insurance for something you can't properly explain. you have given me 3 different stories and say by law you can do that."
    To my readers. I have no choice but to have insurance in my state, because of the law, and because of the law I have to put up with companies like esurance that think they can use the law to take advantage of you. If you're like me, make your complaint heard. Don't get walked on by these companies and their "by law" requests in Washington.

  • Sa
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    I obtained an auto insurance quote from and subsequently purchased the policy.
    I paid in full.
    As soon as esurance had taken my payment in full, they requested all kinds of proof for their supposed "discounts." They requested proof of previous policy or my rate would go up by $ 300 which was a 40% increase of my current premium.
    I provided proof of my previous coverage so my policy premium remained the same.
    The following day (day 1 of my policy being in effect), they reviewed my policy declarations and although I had provided proof of insurance during the last 6 months, they stated that my Bodily Injury Limit was 30k person/60k incident and for this reason, my rating was being downgraded and my policy with esurance was going from 50k/100k bodily injury to 30k/60k and my policy premium was still going up another $ 205 (which was about 33% higher than the current premium I had).
    Geico provided a cheaper quote without any of the arbitrary rules that esurance had.
    To me it seemed as though they were going to find any excuse to spike my premium after the supposed "discounts" they provided.
    How can they lower your limits and spike your premium?
    How is my bodily injury limit relevant to my new insurance policy and then a reason to spike my policy premium?
    To me it seems, they make you jump through hoops and more to provide any supposed discount. They have arbitrary, subjective and beneficial policies to them to spike your premium once you are on the hook.
    Upon cancellation of a policy I used 1 day, they take the liberty of charging me a 10% cancellation fee of the total policy premium-not the $ 754 they originally quoted me and priced me, but rather the $ 960, they had spiked the premium to, after I was already on the hook with them.
    My 1 day policy and stress with esurance cost me $ 100.
    To put the cherry on top, they e-mailed me documentation to return a driver sense device for another insured in another state. Just another sign of the disorganization of this company and their true colors.
    I could have used that money in much better ways.
    I have policy now through Geico.
    Whatever you do, avoid Esurance.

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