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Estate Planning, Inc. / Live and Learn!

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I purchased 40 pre-set appointments that were supposedly with qualified seniors for financial planning appointments. I was expecting two appointments per day and received a call from the telemarketers that they had an appointment for me (1). I asked why they can't set one more like the agreement said? They said it takes a while to get up to that amount. I went out to the home on this appointment and when I arrived the man said that all I was supposed to do was drop some lititure off. I attempted several times to get in for a presentation, no success.

I called the company and spoke with Shannon Davis and she said she will replace the lead with another. So a couple days latter I get another call from a telemarketer with (1) appointment. Go out on the appointment and Lady said they did not request any appointment. Tried several times to get in for a presentation, no success.

This goes on for several months and after 10 or so appointments same scenario. No success to get in the door. So now I send a leter requesting refund, no success. Filed report with BBB, find out the company has an 'F' score.

Got Shannon Davis (Ops Manager) on the phone and she says company will not refund any money, only replace appointments. I have been sending in the appointment requests as your company requires and receiving phones calls from your telemarketers with so called appointments over the last month. Their has been no change in the tactics that the telemarketers are using on these senior citizens.

Most people when I visit or contact them are unaware of any appointment and don't even recall anyone contacting them. Needless to say when I take the time to drive to a so called appointment I have invested the time and money to help these people I assume that they are truly a prospect. I can no longer play this game of apologizing to these prospects for the misleading tactics that your firm uses.

I have asked your telemarketers questions about the appointment and they say that they didn't make the call someone else did. On the last call on Wednesday June 6th your telemarketer hung up on me when I asked what transpired or was said to the prospect to get them to say yes to the appointment. I will not do business with firms like that. I have been more that patient with your firm and you have not come even close to honoring your commitment of providing 40 pre-set financial review appointments. I have asked for a refund in my last letter and I'm asking for the last time now, please refund the unearned 39 appointments at $35 per appointment for a total of $1365.

Needless to refund. Live and Learn!!!


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