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I had my car washed on Sunday 15th, 2017 0n 1465 Princess Street in Kingston Ontario. During the washing the car by the car wash machine I was hearing strange noise in the car. After being washed the car I noticed the car was not washed not properly and the worse thing was the front wheel was damaged. The Rim was broken and the tire got deep scratched. The attendant took photo of the matter and my contact information and promised me in 48 hours his manager will call me. Nobody called me in the next 3 days. I went there twice and asked to reach the manager or owner but they refused to give me the contact information. The last time even the attendant accused me with having damaged already in car and it was my fault during the washing the car to not follow the instructions as if it is my first time to have the car washed. I sent an e-mail to ESSO but I have not heard back yet. I attached the receipt and in the back of it you can see that the attendant wrote that the front wheel damaged by car wash.


  • Updated by Samad RShabestari, Jan 23, 2017

    Monday January 23rd the manager of the gas station called me and he explained me that why the damaged happened. I understood it was partially my fault. I gave a comment to the manager please give the instruction how to enter the car wash at the time of purchasing for the car wash at the front. I also asked to put a board to make it visible easily by a driver before entering the car into the car wash, therefore, it can avoid any frustration and damage to the car.

Jan 18, 2017

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