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What I can tell you at this point, is to leave the essay writing company "Essay Council" alone. I'm going to get straight to the point on this issue. On April 6, 2012 I made the decision to outsource my essay writing efforts over to the company "Essay Council" but to give those of you who may not know much about the company a quick overview, they are a essay writing service who develops writing related assignments on behalf of the customer. As usual of course, they looked like a reputable company with a strong sense of customer morale. I hired one of their writers (Or should I say one of Phoenix Academic Solutions writers) to get started on my thesis which was due in a few days. I was attracted to Essay Council because of the ''free draft'' service that they offer for first time clients. After the writer sent me my free draft I was impressed and decided to allow the writer to continue on with the project. The price to initiate and complete the project was $99.61 (around that figure) I paid and after checking with customer service to see how soon the writer could get started, we proceeded on everything. The deadline for the project was 3 days which is what I was giving the writer, but my paper was due..TODAY (April 10th 2012) and for whatever reason, Phoenix Academic Solutions sends me a full refund for my project the day BEFORE it was due (3:00 a.m. Eastern Standard time). At this point, I have no paper and am currently confused as to why the writer would abruptly quit on the construction of my project without notifying me first and without my consent. I never gave Essay Council clearance (or the company that they outsource they're writers to-Phoenix Academic Solutions) to administer me a refund and to cancel my project. After this occurred, I had gotten in contact with my writer to gain more clarification on this issue. They responded to my query with the slightest amount of regard saying "Yes. Sorry for what happened" I've sent message after message to the writer for more clarification and they NEVER would respond. I don't know what happened to compel them to quit operating on my project a day before it was due. Secondly, If the writer had any issues (I couldn't see how seeing as though I gave them a ton of instructions and clear and concise instructions) they could have got in touch with me and I would have gladly answered any of their questions. After calling the customer service department at Essay Council for a whole day just about (so much so that the whole department knows my name) I had no luck, every time I called the customer service reps they would state how "they're just a representative and they don't have any contact with "THAT" department. That's ### in my opinion, seeing as though you are a company of ''integrity'' and you would like to keep your precious jobs I still can't understand how a company can be so disconnected. The only advice that they gave me was to contact customer service ONLINE (backwards if you ask me) but here's the catch: the customer service chatline is an instant messaging system controlled by an operator who is NEVER online. How in the hell do you expect to help customers? So in summary, do not work with this company its a company full of customer service who are dumb as door-knobs, nonexistent management, with writers who either don't exist or just those who feel the need to skip town at the last minute.

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  • Ca
      11th of May, 2012

    They are a fake company, before you pay you gonna receive one treatment, after you pay, they will just disappear and delivered any paper that can not be used anywhere.

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  • Gi
      22nd of Oct, 2013

    I tried to use these guys too. I needed an essay done. They sent me a free draft that looked awesome. I paid, the writer told me he was going to work on it and he would get back to me. When the paper was done, it was horrible. Spelling errors, sloppy writing, and mainly broken English. I dont think the guy writing the paper understood the language. And on top of that after he wrote the paper, he stopped contacting me, so I couldnt get any revisions done. I missed my deadline. Any effort to contact their online customer support has failed. I think they have me flagged somehow because it says the online customer support is online, yet when I tried to contact them like thirty times it keeps saying they are unavailable. I will be filing a complaint.

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  • Al
      5th of Feb, 2016

    Guys, i ve got 2-3 essays from them, and i passed, they always changed whenever i wanted, but i dont know why they did like that to you.

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