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ESOWORLD / Carmen De Callada

1 PO box 16002New Brunswick, NJ, United States Review updated:

I received a letter and evelope within, staing that Carmen knew listed events before they happended 2 months ago, and this had been written and sealed, and now for sure seeing this, I could trust her to tell me what was coming up, for a $34.00 fee!

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  • Ma
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    i just recieved a letter in the mail fromCarmen de Callada to on feb-13-2009 so i check her out the computer i learned my lesson i check them out to see if they are a scam fist and i your leter a bout her also ther is another one is marie dvual dont truust her never trust no one you won money of in herit you donot suppose to pay noone for it that is a scam when they ask you for money take my advice i ve been there yours truley m.e.m. from cal.

  • Ch
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    ESOWORLD - &Need for 'Nera' or other rituals for survival& and protection from evil.
    Pegasus Services
    New Brunswick
    New Jersey
    United States
    Phone: unknown

    In alliance with Esoworld, Pegasus services uses the name to avoid detection by those like myself who want nothing to do with Esoworld, so they come at you under another name but the appearance is identical.
    The claims are of visions that they have that the subject (me) will have great luck or catastrophe contingent on whether certain ceremonies are held by them for a certain cost. They use fear and bad health/death as alternatives to the procedures to scare you into compliance. I have been a victim for over two years of their playing around with my head. They use threatening letters and when you do not pay immediately they penalize you and raise the cost of services rendered with a late fee by 20% every 2 weeks and threaten to destroy your credit rating. They are experts at mind control and can make you do things you would not ordinarily do. Extremely dangerous and into occult practices of a great variety and origin. Will enter homes of victims when away to secure personal items and gather information about personal life of victim e.g. their daily schedule and will follow and/or stalk them unknowingly or even when discovered to maintain the fear factor.
    If an account goes unpaid new and more outlandish stories and catastrophies will emerge towards the victim reversible only by payment of larger sums of money for services and rituals to "protect" the client from further danger. I am convinced they will continue and continue until you finally pay them or until they finally decide to harm you or kill you. I believe they are dangerous and quite disturbed in their beliefs and within their inner circles of their occult practices of practicing whatever form of witchcraft it is that they follow. But it is real, and not just people fooling around. These people are genuinely into dark magic and this writer is unaware of the ramifications of what that may mean so is actually quite fearful of these characters. Normally quite rational, I lose perspective when dealing with these parties due to their approach and the mannerisms of their literature and the photos used to express themselves, as if possessed by demons or something...or with eyes hidden to make mysterious the nature of the person involved. I hope submitting this does not come back to haunt me because out of fear I am going to send them a fee. I feel I just can't afford to take the chance when it comes to things that go bump in the night, the boogey man and God himself. No sir, I will pay for their supposed help even if it means I don't eat for a week!

  • Ps
      19th of Apr, 2010
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    Got a letter from Carmen de Callada in the mail today. I guess she lives in New Mexico somewhere. It said in the letter that she got a telegram from a friend that knows I am about to be in some serious good luck. Apparently, this friend that she got the telegram from also LIVES with her, so I don't really understand why her roommate would go through the trouble of sending a telegram concerning me to her own house. I wonder if it was a singing telegram. And was it just a song, or was it accompanied by a dance? And was the person/people singing the telegram and possibly dancing - psychic(s)? Maybe a singing/ dancing/stripping psychic(s)? I wish that Ms. Callada's roommate would have just sent me the the singing/dancing/stripping psychic(s) telegram to MY long as it wasn't like a barbershop quartet. Dear Jupiter Service Bureau/Attn: Carmen de Callada/PO Box16002/New Brunswick, NJ 08906 (she must be visiting from New Mexico - though she's agoraphobic) please send me 21-year-old voluptuous, naturally blonde, blue-eyed singing, dancing, stripping, triplet psychics to my home. And please do so quickly as my Bartholomaeic moment approaches and I would like for them to be here when my special situation arises.
    Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you in my astral projection.
    Adolf Oliver Neple
    P.S. You might get more business if you change the photograph on the back of your envelopes. It looks like you're summoning the devil. It's kinda scary.

  • Be
      11th of May, 2010
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    I have received numerous letters from these people. I am either told it's for a small fee, which i once paid and found the package i received to be all BS. Then 1 other time I was told there would be no charge.
    I decided if it was free there would be no harm.
    I received the package. Which was also B.S.
    Then I received a bill. I ignored the bill as it was supposed to be free.
    Then I received a bill from a collections agency. Well...let me tell you' I sent them the nastiest letter and advised them they had better stop harassing me and all others because I would be going to higher authorities.
    I never heard from them again.
    Totally believe in paying for what you ask for but not when you're told its free!
    Don't bother with these crazy people. If they could tell the future they would be rich themselves...they would have been able to find the winning lottery numbers in their crystal ball and won the jackpot already.


    Bec from Mississauga, On

  • Ni
      21st of Jul, 2011
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    These scamsters are operating in UK and Germany as well! My father is 79 years old - and slightly senile. Lives in the UK. I'm starting to deal with his affairs. I found a payment demand from Carmen De Callada dated July 5th 2011. Address in Germany (Postfach 101745, D-40837, Ratingen, Germany. 35 GBP. It's sad that my father's judgement has diminished to such an extent that he could have been interested in this kind of rubbish. The demand for payment is for "Analysis, Séances & Carabelic Table. I suspect he too was duped by some junk mail or email that made it appear that this was for free.

  • Ga
      3rd of May, 2014
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    I purchased a Celtic knot and activation fee from Comision 2014 and Carmen de Calleda. First they said it was free for the item and 16.75 for the activation. I foolishly sent them the money then I just got another bill for 15.50. I'm not paying them another dime, this is a rip off! Stay away from all these people, they are scam artists!

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