Esource Network Pvt. Ltd. / Be Aware of Hitesh Blude, Priya Talreja & Nilofer. They are Frauds

United States

I took 2 IDs of Medical Offline form filling. They took 12 days to install the software. Then 4 days for Training after several calls and emails. We started Live work and on 8th day of live work we came to know that that the software which they have installed are not working accordingly like we can not correct our mistakes. Same we informed and they started rectifying that. But during this rectification they destroyed our 8 days of work. They took around another 8 days to rectify that. That means 15 days we lost during live work. We asked for extension for thae same but they only said 3 to 4 days maximum we can give you. Think We lost 15 days due to their fault but in return we will 3 to 4 days. We argued with em finally they gave only 6 days extension. We also accepted that. A madam Called Priya Talreja Threatened me like anything. She said do whatever you want we can not give extension more than this. We had to pay salary to our agents, office rent and other and we thought we should continue since they also asked us to apply for Refund. Think how we can ask for refund whereas we are in middle of work and had to pay salary. We kept quite and continued to work. But in sudden we saw again their software was behaving badly like this time more problems than previously we faced. few Fields are editable but if we edit any fields than rest of fields data are getting changed automatically. We informed them and they said they will replace the same. Finally we submitted the work. Point was that we supposed do minimum 3000 forms and maximum 4000 forms. And from the very beginning we only asked them 3000 forms only but they sent us 3200 forms. And same they have informed us that you do only 3000 forms and if you can complete all than it is also acceptable. We informed that we only did 3000 forms. But suddenly i received an email that uncompleted work is accepted. Which means Termination. And they claimed that they have informed us while they gave extension and that 6 days extension meant for to complete entire workload. There is no official email nor any information we received from them on this. Now point is that the 6 days extension we got against 15 days we lost during live work They made us a Joke thinking so lenient can't Roar against them. We started asking them but no response at all. Finally I thought post complaint against them. When they saw that I posted complaint against them then again they Threatened that now you can not recover your money from us even you come with a bunch of people. They even said that knowingly I lost my money. Friends they have cheated many people form their fake process. They only provides fake data, fake software. There are many victims now we teamed up against them. This post is to recover my loss.

Dec 21, 2015

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