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if anyone wants to know how to cheat people than learn from this people. when you go to them to bye new car they'll sell u new car with paperwork that shows its used car so they dont have to pay taxes.and when u ask them about taxes they just lie to you on your face that there is no sells tax here.and dont worry about papers that there mistake nothing else to do with that.but they did we end up getting charged more than we suppose guys when u nagotiate with them make sure u check all the paperwork first. their words r nothing to them they r just liers and cheaters.

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      Jul 08, 2013

    RATed #1 in Customer Dissatisfaction - guaranteed
    I have similar experiences with them and don't get me started on their outright discourteous service ppl that you have to leave your car with! So we were "called in" for a recall on my Honda FIT 2008, when I asked why I did not get an official notice in the mail, I was told my address is different...thing is I only have had one address since buying that car and got all my previous notices there from Honda. So got there and the service tech walked up said nary a word no greeting, no explanations. I had to be the courteous one. Waited 2 hrs to see another service rep wildly waving at my son, to come out to the car, we all did at which point he waved us to the car and said it is ready. He walked off before I had time to ask for the paperwork on what was done on the recall. Since both Serv ppls were rude and discourteous I believe it must be the culture of dealership. I don't recommend them to anyone. In fact its possibly the culture of Honda US since I had similar problems with the Honda dealer on Sattelite, only they actually stole my 4 tyres after doing only 25000 mls, and replaced them with threaded tyres then told me I needed new tyres... but of course denied that. That day I had gone in for an oil change and noticed my tyre valves and sensors were gone when I got my car back. Bottom line Honda will rip you off if they can, and you let them, chose local mechanics, get 2nd opinions but do not trust Honda Service ppl with your car and safety. Believe me as a consumer I don't understand how they continue to operate, but that is the politics of of all, isn't it?

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