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ESBI/ / Unauthorized charges

1 San Diego, CA, United States Review updated:

Today I received my AT&T bill and notice I was charge for "Enhanced Services Billing Inc" on the amount of $14.95. According to the bill it is for "American Envoice, LTD-Voicemail MTH Fee". The phone number for ESBI is [protected]. When I called I was told this was a billing company and I was being charge for signing up on a website called "". Apparently a "Virginia Cortez" sign up for it. I was told they didn't know what the website was about. They just handle the billing part. I was told that as per my request they have canceled the service and will refund the charge (I am assuming to AT&T). I was also told I would take 1 to 2 billing cycles for it to be fixed. I was also given a confirmation #. I called AT&T and explained my situation. I was told all they could do was to put a 30 day hold on that charge until they get the refund from ESBI. That is all. I am not able to make it so I am ask if I authorize this kinds of charges before they go on my bill or include any kind of alert on my file. I also visited the website which is some kind of loto for trips to Vegas. This website seems to consist only of an entry form for the trip. I don't see how this managed to morph into voice mail charges of all things. To enter to win you are asked for name, DOB, address, phone, marital status, gender, e-mail address. I wonder if Ms. Cortez is now enjoying herself on a Casino while I am looking for the next unauthorized charge on my phone bill. This ESBI people don't even seem to have a physical address either. Their website is basically a very sparse page with a place to register complaints.

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  • Ro
      14th of Apr, 2009
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    I am investigating this practice on behalf of a client who told me that the same thing happened to him in Connecticut. I'm a lawyer and I might file a class action. Can you tell me which state you were in when the cramming charges were placed on your phone and whether your phone was a mobile or a landline? Thanks, Rob Gaudet

  • Vc
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    Dear Mr. Gaudet,

    My estranged husband found charges from ESBI as well as another outfit on his monthly phone bill from Embarq this week. I called to try to find out what exactly these charges were for and they CLAIMED that I had subscribed to their service online. I did not, of course. I demanded a full refund to the phone company; they first tried to claim they could cancel the service but would have to leave the current charges on the bill. I argued a while and asked them to send me a copy of said "contract". I got an email tonight and they have my email address in NC but my estranged husband's phone number and mailing address in VA and have my birth date (which they claimed I gave them!) totally wrong! I was researching this outfit just now and found complaints and saw your posting, so decided I would let you know that I too had been "scammed". I'm curious as to how they even got this info???


    V.C. Sutherland

  • St
      13th of Aug, 2009
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    I found these charges ($43.98 total) on my billl in late august and was charged for both July and August (the charges did not show up on my July bill)...for my landline phone in Washington. I have never heard of this company nor have I been to their website before and was upset when I found out that they had almost all of my information (minus my mothers real maiden name). I don't who this company thinks it is, but charging people for two months when they have never been to the website is nuts. Oh and for an awnser to V.C.'s question, if you have ever filled out a survey online or otherwise or a comment card somewhere, that is one way they could get this info. "Parent" companies give the info to their other smaller companies, that way when you dispute and say, "I don't know who you are? How did you get my info?" t hey can say, "oh you know _________ company right, well they are our sister company, so you are familar with us." It's a tactic to get a database for telemarketing and other things without it being "coldcalls". It's shady, but legal.
    Stephanie Cramer

  • Li
      18th of Aug, 2009
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    I too was a victim of cramming. It has happened to me three times on my landline. The only way I may be able to stop this is to cancel my AT&T phone. If someone starts a class action I will gladly be part of it.

  • Aj
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    I too have the same issue with cramming. It is the reason I left ATT/SBC landline several years ago. I have had 2 different instances this year since I re-activiated my landline. One was from, and the other I don't remember. I say sue the phone company (AT&T ) for allowing this to happen. I explained to ATT rep when I signed back up that this was the reason I left and wanted the practice to be blocked from my line, which they said they could do. Yet, its still happening. I live in Plainfield, IN 46168, and would be glad to join the class action lawsuit. Although they said they would refund my bill, and the credits did appear a couple months after the first occurence; the 2nd cramming appeared the same bill the credits were issued.

  • Mt
      14th of Oct, 2009
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    This happened to me as well on my frontier communications bill. $14.95 from

    Frontier put a block on the line for 3rd party charging.

    I will support you in a class action suit against these idiots.

  • Id
      4th of Dec, 2009
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    As of December 2, 2009 (just a few days ago my husband noticed we have been charged by ESBI $12.95 a month. My husband called AT&T they denied having affiliation with ESBI and said we need to call them direct. My husband did just that and spoke to a Michelle, he then got a confirmation number, which I am learning means nothing and holds no value. We were refunded for two months and this Michelle claims that I signed up for a voice mail service back in October 2007. I knew it was a scam because I did no such thing and we haven't even utilized this so called voice mail service. I decided to do a little research and low and behold have come accross many blogs, complaints, petitions etc. I do not know how all this information will help me, but I have written a letter along with copies of at least a dozen other complaints. I am demanding ESBI refund me for 26 months worth of payments $336.70. Then I am cancelling AT&T. I will not sign up with Verizon either because I hear the same complaints from their customers as well.

    If there is a class action suit I am all for it as long as it doesn't cost me anything.

  • Sh
      19th of Jan, 2010
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    As of today January 19, 2010, I was also billed from this company (ESBI) and told exactly the same thing. I called both of these companies that ESBI claim that they are billing for and ask where they got my information from and the one E-Voice told me they got my information passed on to them from a website I have never been to this site and have no idea what this site is. This has happened to me as well twice within a 3month period. Someone needs to take a stand against these companies who puts unauthorized charges to other peoples phones. I to will stand behind any law suit against this company. I want to know how secure some of these sites are when they say that they will not give out any information to anyone else. I do know that I have not been to this website ever because majority of the time they are all scams. Another website that does this is Which is Publisher's Clearing House. So anyone going to this site please be aware that is this happening with this site as well. This was the start of 3 months that I had just explained in the beginning. I am also afraid of putting my email address under this complaint because I am affraid someone will get information that they should never get. But I will try one more time.

  • Ga
      20th of Jan, 2010
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    I am so angry as I type this. My AT & T bill contains a charge for $15.92 from Enhanced Billing Services Inc, and when I called 1 888 298-3724, I was told that a certain Elizabeth Torreli had signed up my phone number for these voice mail services. I was furious, to say the least, and demanded that they credit my account and cancel 'my' services as I had never ordered them. One 'Bobby' agreed to do so and gave me a cancellation number and I told him that I intended to report Ms. Torelli for fraud.

    What gets my goat is how AT & T could have allowed this to happen. It appears that anyone can sign you up for anything and stick you with the bill, which your local phone company will then process without even questioning its validity or legitimacy. If they do not credit me, then I plan to file a complaint with the local attorney general and will be calling them with a demand for a copy of the TOS.

    A little research indicates that ESBI had previously been cited by the FTC in 2001 but surprisingly is still in business! If there is a lawsuit in the anvil, then by all means, please sign me up.


    Gaylei B (

  • Jo
      4th of Feb, 2010
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    I just received my bill and spotted the 14.95 (+tax) charge to my At&T land-line bill. Unable to contact anyone at At&T due to high volume of calls (must be for this reason since I've never had issues getting a hold of customer service). I contacted the American Evoice, LTD 1(866) 576-1875. A lady stated they received the application for their voice-mail service through (their website is obviously a scam site) which contained an international number. I received a verification number for my cancellation of the service and credit for two bills. One which i haven not see yet, which she states she can not prevent from appearing on my next bill. She states i can expect the credit to occur from 1-2 billing cycles. I don't have any faith from their company to resolve my issue and will take this up with At&t when I'm finally going to get through...


  • Aj
      10th of Feb, 2010
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    I finally was able to get AT&T to BLOCK the enhanced billing service, and any of these unauthorized service from being put on my phone bill. They actually credited my account this last time the total of the charges of the latest cram. $30.00 before blocking further activity.

  • Ka
      13th of Feb, 2010
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    It seems many of us have been scammed with Enhanced Services Billing Inc. I live in California and currently going through the same situation everyone is going through. Last month I noticed as well that I had been charge for the last 3 months by their company. I called and canceled and gave me a cancellation number, but I have no idea why a "cancelation number" was given since I was billed once again! I just called again spoke to an Alfredo, which was very hard to understand because he had a "ghetto" way of speaking. It was very difficult to understand! I was given another cancellation number; and now I am hoping this will work. This is very frustrating and this "company" needs to be stopped!!!

    Looking back at many of the dates, it seems to me that this has happened to all at the same time...hmmmm????

  • Ma
      15th of Feb, 2010
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    My wife and I have also been hit by these people. The first time was in July of 2009. My wife contacted AT&T and got them to credit our account. We didn't think about it any more until this last phone bill. We realized that ESBI (Voicexpress) had been hitting us for $12.95 every month for SIX months. I contacted AT&T today (2/15/10) and again asked them to remove the charges which they did. However, when I asked them to not allow any other charges without prior authorization from the number on our bill, I was told that they couldn't. The young lady on the other end informed me that FCC rules did not allow them to block services. I will be writing the FCC and letting them know just how I 'feel' about this.

    If someone is getting together a class-action suit against these cretins, count me in.

    Mark Winn, Bethany, OK 73008

  • Ro
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    Dear Mark:

    Please contact me, if you are interested in participating in a class action suit, via my website at

    Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Robert Gaudet

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