Erwin Hymer / coach electrical

Bought a brand new Sunlight Van 1. It was supposed to have a GU and lithium battery. It did not. Trying to get them to fix. Plus I assumed the "VoltStart" was part of the package. When I asked the manager/techs in service, they didn't know what the Voltstart was! I have been waiting for almost a month since I paid for it, drove over 900 miles, had to rent a rental car and they want me to pay for the Voltstart and they still haven't fixed my issues. These guys are crooks in my opinion. You would think they would at least offer to pay for the VoltStart, but no, they want me to pay for it. I have spent a thousand dollars out of my pocket and I still don't have the RV. I tried to return it. They said no. I told them I guess I need to turn over to my lawyer and they said go ahead. Again, these guys are crooks. Don't buy from them or you will be sorry like me!

Jun 08, 2018

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