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--The Story
Here is my experience at Ernie von Schledorn, also known as EVS, of buying a used car. On October 6, 2008 I purchased a 2007 Silver Mazda 6 from their Lomira, WI location.
Nobody's Keeping Their Word
First-off, before and after purchasing the car I was accused several times of “not keeping my word” and one instance of this I was even accused of “reneging the deal!” I don’t know why I didn’t just walk right out of that place, but now I wish I had.
--The Second Key
Minutes after purchasing the car the salesman tells me the car only came with one set of keys, but that another set has already been ordered. Long story short, they only get me a key and no remote that connects to it. Then they tried to screw me out of who knows how much money ($40-$50-$60) when I demand they get me the "rest of my key." They even claimed that Holiday Mazda in Fond du Lac, WI is lying to me and to them about the price of the remote.
--The Contaminated Fluids
When I picked up my key from Holiday Mazda I was told that the transmission and power steering fluids were contaminated/burnt more then what they would expect for a car at 32, 500 miles. Naturally I wanted this to be fixed. EVS took a look at the fluids and told me they were just fine and again claimed that Holiday Mazda was lying to me about the fluids in my car.
--The Spoiler
My new car didn't come with a spoiler like another Mazda 6 I had looked at and I tried to get them to include it in the purchase price we negotiated, but was quoted $300 extra. During one of several heated phone calls about the key and the contaminated fluids the used car sales manager claims I told him to order this spoiler. He knows this is not true... Just trying to get more money out of me. Anyways, I got a call saying my spoiler was in, I said I never ordered a spoiler, then I was told I would have to pay a $100 restocking fee since I didn't want the spoiler anymore. I called the used car sales manager back and told him I was not paying the $100; I never wanted to do business with them again; and that I was going to make sure to tell as many people about this experience as possible. He didn’t have much to say. No apology, no what can we do to make this up to you, but he did say I didn’t have to pay the $100. I think it was the first smart thing he said.

Their is lots more I'm leaving out in an attempt to keep this short but here is my "beg" to you:
Do Not Buy A Vehicle From Ernie von Schledorn!
and please share this with anybody you know that's looking to buy a car.


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