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Ernie Von Schledorn / Terrible experience

1 United States
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I went to EVS following a suggestion from a friend and immediately upon arrival I was greeted with opposition. I was on my last attempt to buy a decent vehicle with limited credit options so I remained there despite being ignored for over an hour. Finally a salesperson greets me, I inform him that I have been making calls about a 2006 Mazda 6 that hey had listed and was told that the car would work with my trade in, credit score, payment range, etc. I filled out the paperwork, took it for a test drive, and had to leave because they said the banks weren't open and they would reach a decision tomorrow. This dealership is an hour away from my house, a little frustrated after spending 4 hours at the dealership to accomplish so little. (they were busy helping a customer that wanted to purchase 3 vehicles, so i was treated like a homeless person walking into Macy's) I returned the next day, after being told by my bank that the mazda 6 worked in terms of financing and after driving back to the dealership I was greeted with 'well the mazda didn't work with your bank' After telling them I was told by my bank it would and without a downpayment, they would check into it. 2 hours later, they told me that I would need $1000 down. I said okay, left and returned the next day with the $1000. I was again informed that the mazda wouldn't work, completely frustrated at this point, I said 'well I would like to speak to a supervisor' I personally spoke to the financing manager and he said there is nothing he could do. I called the bank, and they informed me that it shouldn't have been a problem. Well after arguing with them for over an hour, they finally said we'll see what we can do. I waited for an hour and a half, again because I was a 2nd rate customer evidently, they said the mazda has been sold. Understandably pissed off, I said, well what do you have comparable to this vehicle. They showed me a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I drove it, noticed a missing wiper blade and a busted grille and some squeaking with the brakes, they said they would reimburse me for the wipers and they said the clips for the grille would cost about $5 from a jeep dealership. after finally purchasing the vehicle and dealt with the paperwork (which took 4 1/2 hours) I drove my new truck home and stopped at a jeep dealership. They said the new grille would cost $300 and they said the brakes had a cracked brake caliper and cracked break pads. I returned to EVS and they said the jeep dealership lied and broke my brake caliper upon removing them for inspection and they weren't going to fix the brake caliper. After some shouting, I got them to pay for the caliper, but they still refused to fix the rest of the brake system. They also told me the jeep dealership was lying to me about the clips for the grille. Now the sunroof doesn't work, the brakes are really bad now (i don't have the 1200 to replace all the brake equipment), the grille is still busted. They claimed I should have bought the extended warranty (which I was never offered, in fact was told the vehicle was ineligible for the warranty)

The dealership was just downright disrespectful, telling me that a JEEP DEALERSHIP broke my brake system, insulted me, sold me a lemon.


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