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To the slam-dog-cinderella Karine Martirosyan-Noroian (Westborough, MA).


While you are giving "lectures" about "how to live a full and non-boring life", assuming that others haven't "known or seen it," ask your psycho-psychiatrist husband (Paul Noroian, DO) to adjust your antipsychotic pills so your memory will kick back to help you recollect that you literally [stole life] with your second (again loveless) "marriage", as you were a homeless and roofless slam-dog in Armenia and in Brookline/MA when you were studying a pathetic 9-month course in Harvard school of public health. Your entire life, before your two loveless marriages, was an unsheltered dog's life, where you were wandering from one doormat to another, asking families to give you a room or coach to sleep.

You invited yourself to Paul Noroian's life; he wasn't asking you for date, you were taking train from Boston's South station to Westborough (central MA) to spend a night with him until you got pregnant (as planned) and put that naive person in a horrible situation so he would marry you. Then you got "house, life, and marital status" all together overnight, just one thing was missing: that little thing, named LOVE.

You married that lost guy, by making a conscious choice while knowing that his mother on wheelchair had congenital bone disorders (hereditary pelvic deformities) and there was a risk that your offsrpring would inherit that unfortunate condition. Luckily, you had two boys and slept off the problem. Would you have dauhgters, they would be handicapped as well. Yet, your two sons are carriers of that unfortunare gene. Plus, they are UGLY, kurdish "shoeshine boys" as their ugly parents are.

Then he bought a rotten house (in your 5th-month of pregnancy) in 87 South Street, Westborough, MA address, a terrible place with a view to the cemetery, with 18th century design and limitations, without central heating or air-conditioning, just the BOGUS exterior of an old victorian house to "amaze people" about your "high life" which none exists.

As for the "Throne", you suggested that others view in one of your posts in, you better watch and rewatch it, as that is all you can do to address your delusions of grandeur. Nope, Karine Martirosyan, you are NOT a royal court material. And you will never be. You are the same peasant cunning nefarious, diabolic, clandestine, double-standard [censored] (your picture is attached). So, your "throne-fever" will remain with that striking limitation: which is your rotten victorian house with the medieval level trivia and and that's your TOP... You feel on top of the world, because it is the first time you have seen a house and has actually lived inside (LOL)! For others, your house is a joke, but for you it is a "statement" (LOL)... because that's your limit.

While you are enveloped with your inward views and delusions and you think that people would buy your daily the reality it is not that simple. All normal-minded persons understand your SAD, sad, sad, loveless, and tacky bogus.

Would you be a happy person, Karine Martirosyan-Noroian, you would not hunt after Naira for already 11 years... You hunt after her because you are not comfortable that after all harm that you caused her, she is still ahead of you in all respects. She achieved all alone, unlike you - a fortune-hunter... And yes, she's still alive. She will live as much as needed to see your demise to the hell (the place you belong).

Ahh, Karine Martirosyan - shoplifter: the silent sneaky [censored] of the [censored]. We all know that you are hidden behind this latest scandal, you are the monster triggering psychos Marina Noble and Ara Khachatryan against Naira. And the reason your ego was wounded this time is the moment you learned that Naira graduated a law school.

That the response to your "throne" concept, you a peasant cinderella in a perpetual "throne-fever."

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  • Mo
      Nov 15, 2018

    Oh you hardworking butler of Queen Anne's revival, Karine Martirosyan from Westborough, MA! How many cups of tea you served Queen Anne everyday? Do you clean her two toilets? Your bathroom is an awful mess, disgusting, retro. The entire tone of your house is Kurdish crimson. We wonder why we see no photos of your "children, " monkey? Are they so terrible as we have heard? Still rambling on the same theme, about your grand transit from Spitak to Westborough?

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