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I have been contacted numerous times (10) after telling them numerous times that I wasn't interested in there services. I called the company and complained and told them to take me off of there calling list and they are still calling. They are still insisting on coming out to my house to give me an estimate on my windows.

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  • Ri
      Jan 04, 2009

    Sue them in small claims court. Each violation after being told not to call is $500.00. Record each call and take it to them. They'll stop calling you then and you'll be a little richer as well.

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  • Mi
      Feb 14, 2009

    after the 3rd time sometimes 2nd when a company doesnt heed NO dont call me anymore they get a earfull of nasty words about them and their mothers. They dont call back!

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  • Co
      Aug 25, 2011

    If anyone from that firm calls you again, get the caller's name and telephone number, note the date and time of the call, and complain to the firm's compliance officer, the SEC, and your state's securities regulator.

    Don't be stupid. Complaints Board will not help you.

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