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Erie Auto Credit / Horrible Car Dealership...borderline scam

1 Erie, PA, United States Review updated:

I heard about a place in Erie, Pennsylvania in July of 2008 that help people with bad, or no credit purchase a car. They were a branch of New Motors in Erie, PA. They sell people cars that are financed through Credit Acceptance with a high interest rate, which i suppose is to be expected. I was looking at a 2000 chevy tracker with 88k miles. It seemed like a good enough car at the time, except the payments were going to be $332 a month. I didn't understand how i was paying that much for a car when a friend of mine was paying $360 a month for a 2008 Pontiac G6. But I went ahead and got the car because it was going to help establish my credit so that whne this car was payed off, I would have no problem getting another, newer car. Well when i drove it home, i realized the air conditioning was not working. The car was staying as hot as it possibly could. Also, when i got home i attempted to open the back hatch, but i could not find a handle to open it. The handle was supposed to be under the license plate, but there was none. My brother in law took it apart and found that there was a rusted spring that didn't even look like a spring and the handle was gone. So I called Erie auto credit and was told that I would have to make an appointment to bring it up. That was it. There was no attempt to make an appointment, or anything else. Unfortunately, I was preparing for college and i didn't put much thought into it. I thought I would deal with it later as the extended warranty i purchased would cover the air conditioner, and the door was fixed by my brother-in law. About two weeks later, i realize that the brake light it on. I couldn't understand why. So I opened the hood, and found that I needed break fluid. It didn't strike me especially bad, so i put some in it and went on my way. Two weeks later, the break light was on again. I checked, and I needed brake fluid AGAIN! So I realized that I had a brake leak. But by the time I realized this, I was already into college and was working 32 hours a week at wal-mart 3rd shift in order to afford my 332$ car payment! So i had no time to take it to get fixed. And we couldn't even see where the fluid was leaking. So fast forward to inspection was up in April of 2009. So I took it to a local dealer and was told that it would not pass inspection because there was a brake leak in both back tires, and that the sway bar belt was broken on the front. The bumper was also so rusted that it needed replaced! So mother called New Motors service department to explain to them that the warranty told me that I need to have it looked at, and she was transferred to Erie Auto Credit. She was trying to explain to them that the service department told us to call them, and the man at Erie Auto Credit told her that she needs to speak to the service department. When he tried to give her another number to call, she told him that she just wanted to issues resolved, not call another person. SO HE HANGS UP ON HER! So I call him, and he HANGS UP ON ME! I was completely calm and talking to him in a good, respectful manner and he hangs up on me stating that he was going to terminate the call. he wouldn't stop talking! I was trying to explain to him what the problem was, and he hangs up on me. So I'm not sure who to contact to report them. The guy I bought the car from doesn't even work there anymore. If anyone has any advice, please email me at

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  • Ro
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Erie Auto Credit - Threatened by business
    Erie Auto Credit
    United States

    Very funny to see that other people have had issues with this business. I was told by Mr. Manager guy/girl (at least I think that's who he/she was) that I was the ONLY one who has gave them a problem and that every sale and customer was completely satisfied.

    I was also THREATENED by this employee/business on MY PERSONAL facebook account messages. He/she was too much of a wuss to leave their name but you bet I've kept that message in my Facebook message email. Here's the proof. Don't believe me and think I made it up? ill show you the message on my facebook app on my phone or laptop.

    "It seems the more attention you get from me the more you want to bad mouth us so I will not be responding to your ignorance any longer. I suggest you be careful of what you put in writing on here because when you post lies about a company it is called slander and that is a crime and we will pursue anyone who wants to lie and try to hurt our reputation, with lies, to the fullest extent of the law. "

    Is that not good enough? They also ensured me they will never sell me another vehicle every again and ignore everyone that knows me because I posted a bad review on their facebook. Here's the proof:

    "Now you decide to post on our facebook that we are not a reputable company and you will not do business with us again. That decision goes both ways. We will never consider selling you another vehicle and if any of your friends and family know you the way I have come to know you then the advise you give them will go in one ear and out the other. "

    If anyone needs advice about this company or questions my email is

  • Au
      12th of Dec, 2013
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    To the original poster in regards to this comment: "I was looking at a 2000 chevy tracker with 88k miles. It seemed like a good enough car at the time, except the payments were going to be $332 a month. I didn't understand how i was paying that much for a car when a friend of mine was paying $360 a month for a 2008 Pontiac G6."

    The reason why your payments were so high is because of the term that you received. You see, financial institutions will only finance a vehicle for an extended amount of term based on risk. You will never get a 72 month term on a 2000 with 88k miles, but you will on a 2008 with under 50k miles on it. It is safe to make the assumption that the loan that you were approved for is a short term loan. A bank will not finance that old of a vehicle for a long term because it has a higher chance of breaking down. Also, you probably have a high interest rate, which raises your monthly payment. Don't want a high interest rate? Pay your bills! ;)

  • Kr
      8th of Jul, 2013
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    i however just got a 2005 ford escape im going to pick it up today. And this makes me worry ALOT!!! :/

  • Co
      23rd of Aug, 2011
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    now that i have researched some of your profiles, besides the first comment which was respectful and giving helpful advice to anyone geting into their first financial decisions, i am assuming you all either work for erie auto credit or work for other companies like them who will obviously stick up for business practices like what they offer.

    i have heard about business like that. they have their employees search for complaints about them, and completely trash the person making them. get a life...

  • Co
      23rd of Aug, 2011
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    Just decided to check in on one of my old complaints from about two years ago. Just wanted to answer some of your comments.

    To the first comment, i completely agree with you. It was a learning experience for me. Fast forward two years down the road, and I have been much more careful in car purchases since then. I also have not bought an extended warranty since then.

    To the second comment, It was something i should have checked before i bought the car. Unfortunately, I was 18 years old and had never had a "real world" experience like that before. still no reason for a company to blatantly rip off someone who is trying to start their life. I didn't have the guidance i should have had from my parents, but the car was recently inspected from new motors "according to the manager". Now shouldn't a brake leak have been caught in the inspection? It sure as hell was the three different places i took it to get inspected. No one forced me to buy it, but when you are 18 and are brainwashed with a glorious speech about how "this car will help you start your life. after you get this payed can get anything you want" how do you think someone is going to react to that? "nah no thanks, i don't want a good life"? yea right. and i never said i couldn't afford the payments. the whole point was i worked 32 hours a week so i could afford the payments. actually i never missed a payment or even had a late payment. they got their money, fully, and promptly.

    to the third comment: I actually had the care about 6 months when i took it to get it inspected. i did act on it when i first discovered the issue. as i said in my post, which you obviously didn't care to read. I called them immediately after finding the issue. They in turn told me to schedule an appointment and hung up. to reiterate what i said to the second post, i was 18 and posted this when i was 19. i wasn't a very experienced adult. yes i did turn it into the warranty company. i actually took the car to new motors to get it inspected since i got it from the dealership that works with them. when they called the warranty company, they were told that "the warranty does not cover brake lines" even though in the pamphlet i was given, it clearly stated that it did. so the majority of the expense i was going to have to pay was no covered. the only thing that was covered was a rusty screw on the bottom of the car. and i will say again, a couple of years after the event, i was very calm with the gentleman on the phone. working in retail with angry customers myself, i hate it when people raise their voice before i even get a chance to help them. i would never do that to someone else. i have been on the other side of that.

    to wrap up my response, having read back what i wrote, it did seem like i was complaining a lot about my misfortunes. again, i posted this when i was 19 and in a very rough spot. i honestly would never buy a car from them again. i don't feel that the vehicle should have ever had an inspection sticker put on its. honestly, it may not have been their fault. maybe a tech in the garage had a bad day and just slapped it on to get it out of the garage.

    yes i was young, and no i did not know what i needed to know to have a successful experience with them. i had two parents there with me that didn't guide me in making the first big financial decision of my life. so i don't blame the whole thing on the dealership. i don't agree with the car being sold to me, or anyone for that matter, i don't agree with the way i was treated by the employees there, especially when the manager called me a liar when i complained about the person on the phone to him in person. but i don't pass the blame solely on them.

    the point of this article to me now, is to warn anyone doing business with them to make sure that what they are paying on the vehicle (because it is a very very high interest loan and you will most likely pay twice what the car is worth when it is over) is worth the risk. make sure the vehicle is inspected by your own garage that you trust, and under any no circumstance should you buy the extended warranty. it is expensive and completely worthless. i am sure it is a wonderful place to go if you get the right vehicle for the right amount. just like any other buy here pay here dealership. you take a risk when you buy a car there. sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. just make sure you research the place you are buying from, and make sure that the vehicle is in an acceptable condition. if not after having it inspected yourself, let the dealership know and move on to another dealership.

    hopefully i don't sound like a wining child as much now since i have had a couple more years of experience under my belt.

  • Jw
      17th of Aug, 2011
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    also sounds to me like when you found the problems you didn't act on it right away, as you wrote you didn't have time to deal with it, or put much thought into it, your words then fast forwarding you take it to get it inspected how long had you had the car at that point, i'll bet by the way you are talking to didn't even turn it in to the warranty company to even see if it was coverd, and with the person there hanging up on you, i'm very sure you wasn't very calm . i have several friends that have bought cars there and would highly recommend them to anyone, always helpful and try very hard to help people out that have been kicked to the curb by every other dealership .

  • Cr
      16th of Mar, 2010
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    Exactly Megs, no one forced you to buy the car. Congratulations you are an owner!! That is part of being big boy and taking care of a car. If your mommy didn't explain that to you then that is your fault for not doing your research. Better luck next time.

  • Me
      25th of Jan, 2010
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    That all sounds like thing you should have checked before you bough the car. And if you couldn't afford the payments, why would you have gotten it?

  • Ds
      28th of Aug, 2009
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    when you buy any car no matter how (good) it seems always look at it carefully, or ask them if you can take the car to a inspection garage, usually they only charge a small fee to pre inspect cars. also do research on the car you are buying, you can check out and you can get an idea what the car is worth retail value wise, it will save you money in the long run. also the extended warranty that some places offer is pretty much over priced and not worth the money, in the end you have to pay out of pocket first hand before they pay the rest, and usually then they wont cover the expenses. always read the fineprint before you buy the extended warranties.

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