Erickson pools Frisco / Does not pay bills

1 Kings Rd., Frisco McKinney, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 214-241-0275

Dan Lowe, The President and Owner of Erickson Pools in Frisco Texas has closed his doors and left a long list of unpaid subcontractors and fled to California. Some of those he left high and dry are: Wylie Plaster, H & S Excavation, Gunite LP, Aqua Power, Pool Corp, and folks this is the SHORT LIST of companies that he left owing debts to, some of them have even gotten hot checks from Dan Lowe. His debt is probably close to 100K, it has been alleged that Dan Lowe took the money and lost it playing poker, a review of his online poker history shows a very unlucky playing history. If you have any complaints on this company please post them on line so that the public will no longer be his victims.

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