Erica Hotel Johor Bahru / Unprofessional staff

1 johor bahru, MY

i booked this hotel through i checked in to this hotel on 28 november 2016. during the mid night around 0140H when i was lying on bed, suddenly someone open my room door, i was extremely shocked. after he saw me he closed the door. i go out to find out who is him. i saw two people, 1 man and 1 lady. they were the hotel staff. i asked them why they open my door, they said, they didn't know the room had a guest. it is impossible they didn't know there is a guest inside the room. im so dissatisfied with the unprofessional behaviour from the staff. the lady did say sorry but they should never do that. please do something on this matter. it is not acceptable at all. you should make investigation and take disciplinary action on that staff because im your customer. if you didn't take any action, your customer service is useless. please update me. thank you.

Nov 28, 2016

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